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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Marshall County Commission Meeting Minutes – 7/22/19

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The Board of Marshall County Commissioners met in regular session with David E. Baier, Chairman, Keith Bramhall member, Barbara Kickhaefer member and County Clerk Sandra Wilson present. Paul Kessinger with the Advocate joined the meeting at 8:40 a.m.
The Board of Commissioners called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.
The Board opened the meeting with the flag salute.

The minutes and agenda were approved upon motion of Keith Bramhall, seconded by David E. Baier. Unanimous.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to approve the following purchase orders. Unanimous.

Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Home, KS
For Tower rental
$750.00-911 Local Fund-P.O. #6000

Dave’s Body Shop, Marysville, KS
For Vehicle maintenance, Tires 2015 Tahoe
$623.51-General (Sheriff) Fund-)P.O. #5975

Critchfield Spray Foam, Waterville, KS
For Roof Repair
$8,310.00-Health Bldg Fund-P.O. #5902

Register of Deeds Martha Roesch met with the Board. Martha brought to the attention of the Board that in 2010 when she was appointed Register of Deeds she was told by the previous Board that as an elected official, she will no longer accumulate vacation or sick leave. Therefore, any hours remaining as of her appointment day would not be paid out. She reports that she had 904 hours of unused sick leave and 31.25 hours of unused vacation time accumulated. She is requesting that the current Board reconsider and go back and pay her for the unused 31.25 hours of vacation and 10% of the unused sick leave limited to 900 hours (this is all that can be accumulated) at her pay rate at that time of $14.77 per hour. Commissioner Keith Bramhall voiced his concern that he was not sure the Board could make that decision and felt that they needed to get the opinion of County Counselor Jason Brinegar before making any decisions.

Public Works Coordinating Supervisor Larry Polson met with the Board. There was general discussion regarding current projects and equipment.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approve the following purchase order. Unanimous.

Koch Excavating, Axtell, KS
For Machine hire to dig out bridges & clear log jams
$3,680.00-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108954

County Counselor Jason Brinegar met with the Board. He recommended to the Board that they wait one more week before publishing the tax sale as they are waiting on the status of one of the properties in foreclosure. He said they are ready to publish the tax sale at anytime. Mr. Brinegar said he spoke with Reed McGregor with KCAMP regarding the loss claim. Mr. Brinegar said there will be a number of forms to fill out and he would be working with the County Clerk Sandra Wilson to get these forms completed.

The Board asked County Counselor Jason Brinegar’s opinion on the previously presented vacation/sick leave payout for Register of Deeds Martha Roesch. Mr. Brinegar said that he would need to do some checking but feels that it is not feasible to go back and pay out the unused hours. The previous Board made that decision and does not reflect the decisions of the current Board.

Belinda Estes, Coordinator for Continuum of Care with NEK-CAP, Inc. presented the Board with an Environmental Review that needs to be approved by the Board for continued Housing with Opportunities which is a Tenant-Based Rapid Rehousing program for Atchison, Brown, Marshall and Leavenworth Counties.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approve the Environmental Review. Unanimous.

County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker met with the Board to present her quarterly investment report ending June 30, 2019.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to Void Purchase Order #6015 to SS Consulting in the amount of $2,500.00 for the reason that this purchase order included Microsoft licenses. These licenses were billed separately so did not need to be included on this purchase order. Unanimous.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to approve the following purchase order. Unanimous.

SS Consulting, Topeka, KS
For 3 PC Setup Windows 10
$900.00-Treasurer’s Fund-P.O. #6027

The Board was presented with an Extension to Resolution #20-19-05-20-1 from the May 20, 2019 Proclamation of a State of Local Disaster Emergency in Marshall County, Kansas.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to Extend Resolution #20-19-05-20-1 Proclamation of a State of Local Disaster Emergency for Marshall County, Kansas for the week of July 22, 2019. Unanimous.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to pay County Clerk Sandra Wilson for the 135 ½ hours of accumulated vacation time and 10% of the 174 hours of the accumulated sick leave due to the fact that she is now an elected official and will not accumulate any further hours. The handbook states that when an employee retires, they will receive their accumulated vacation pay and 10% of their sick leave. The handbook states that upon termination of employment, the employee receives the accumulated vacation pay but no payout of sick leave. Motion passed 2-1, Commissioner Kickhaefer voted no, specifically on paying out the sick leave.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to adjourn the meeting at 10:50 a.m. Motion passes 2-1. The Board will have a Special Board Meeting on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 starting at 8:30 for continued Budget Workshop, followed by a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 29, 2019 beginning at 8:30 a.m.

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