Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 6/10/19

By Bruce Dierking – KNDY News

The Marysville City Council met Monday. An ordinance waiving water connection fees for new commercial businesses locating in downtown Marysville was approved. The economic incentive area runs from 4th to 16th streets and includes the blocks south to Elm and north to Carolina. Motion passed 6-1, with Kevin Throm concerned that the defined area was too broad. Consideration of refinishing the tennis courts was tabled, as MHS Tennis Coach Mary Kessinger Wassom asked to address the council at their next meeting.

Request for qualifications for engineering services for review of storm water drainage, and proposal for solutions at Lakeview Sports Complex, and for architectural services for a new fire station on north 20th street was approved. The city is expected to qualify for Community Development Block Grant funds for a fire station, as a required number of household surveys have been returned. City dump hours remain Wednesday afternoons 4-6, Saturday and Sundays 1-5.

Mayor Carla Grund sought consensus on a recommendation to carry forward for a public meeting planned Thursday for input regarding improvement options for 11th/12th and Keystone roads. Letters were mailed to adjacent property owners last week, and offered options of concrete surface, or a return to gravel. Cost of concrete construction would fall on property owners over a period of 10 – 20 years through a tax benefit district. Discussion included how to assess charges, whether by lot, linear foot, or square footage of property. Initial opinions varied, with council member Terry Hughes indicating that the city should contribute something, and Darlene Boss noting that a benefit district generally includes 100% of the costs, if for sewer/water, streets, or sidewalks. No final decisions were made, and public input from the meeting Thursday evening at 6 at City Hall will gauge public interest, with approval of at least 51% of property owners in the district required for a majority, which would then require another public hearing before moving forward with any plans.