Cawker City Council – April 2017


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ROLL CALL: Jan Cornely, Lisha Wiese, Drew Duskie , Cole Eberle & Doug Bader

CITY EMPLOYEES PRESENT: David Reling, Denelle Mick, Ken Moore & City Attorney Chantz Martin

OTHER PERSONS PRESENT: Judith Gracey, Sheri Naasz of Cushing Ins.



  1. Cornely made a motion to approve minutes from the regular March 8, 2017 meeting. L. Wiese seconded. Motion carried 3 AYES (Doug & Cole abstained)  D. Duskie made a motion to approve the special meeting minutes for 3-29 & 4-3.  D. Bader seconded   Motion carried  5 AYES
  2. Bader motioned to pass Claims Ordinance #1472A. D. Duskie seconded. Motion carried 5 AYES



  1. Bader made a motion to approve the building permit for Hank Koster. D. Duskie seconded.  Motion carried.5 AYES
  2. Duskie made a motion to approve the use of the Wyoming Shelter and Golf Club house on May 6 for Cunningham Telephone Co.. L. Wiese seconded. Motion carried 5 AYES
  3. Duskie made a motion to approve the livestock permits for Cameron Wyman and Steve White. D. Bader seconded. Motion carried 5 AYES

PUBLIC COMMENT & SCHEDULED VISTORS:    Sheri Naasz from Cushing Insurance explained our EMC insurance renewal for the City.  She went over coverages and the changes on water utility charges.  Council asked questions about actual replacement values.  They discussed the equipment listings and reviewed with Dave Reling about the use of some of the equipment.  After discussion they asked to remove a couple items from the insurance and advised Reling to sell the unused equipment. Naasz advised that she didn’t feel the City needed to pay the $250.00 endorsement on the premium. The City will stay with the essential coverage, with a premium increase of approximately $1,452.00.  D. Bader made a motion to renew the Cities insurance with EMC/ Cushing Insurance with noted changes being made.  D. Duskie seconded.  Motion carried    5AYES

STAFF REPORT –  City Attorney Chantz Martin did not have anything to report

CITY EMPLOYEES REPORT:                                                                                                                                                                      D. Reling:    Reling asked about Chuck Gullion taking the CDL class that is offered at the Vo-tech.  D. Bader made a motion to have Chuck go ahead and take the CDL class in Beloit.  C. Eberle seconded.   Motion carried    5AYES

Reling stated after the last couple of meetings he had been doing some research on phosphates and had been visiting with Diana from Water Wise.  She stated that she thought she could help with well #5 by putting a pump on it.  The pump would be $560.00, but if we ordered two she would take off $100.00. She felt this could also help with the iron and magnesium.  Reling stated that she would install them and would be able to instruct over the phone to make changes.  The council had questions, and asked Reling to get more information, matter was tabled for further information. Reling stated that he needed to get some waste water hours, so he will be attending a meeting on May 9 in Courtland.

  1. Moore: Monthly report was placed in the council packet. Ken gave a brief report on his school safety training he attended that was sponsored by the NRA. He stated that there were some grants available for schools that he would like to help them apply for. Ken stated that he would like to do school assessments that would mean a certain amount of time at each building, this would need to be done during school hours.  D. Duskie made a motion for Ken to go ahead and do the assessment in Cawker and get approval from Osborne Co. to assess Lake Side High School in Downs. C. Eberle seconded.  Motion carried   5AYES    Ken also stated that he would like to address the abandoned cars around town, he felt there was probably around 100 inside the City limits.   Ken stated that he and the Community Club are planning to have a City wide clean up on May 6, this will coincide with the free Mitchell Co. Landfill fees days May 1 thru May 6.  The free landfill days will be funded thru Dane G. Hansen Foundation.  D. Duskie made a motion for the City to participate in the City wide cleanup with the statement of THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PEOPLE UNABLE TO HAUL ITEMS TO COUNTY LANDFILL. C. Eberle seconded.   Motion carried    5 AYES     The information about the city clean-up will be included in the April utility billing.  The City office will make a list of people wanting items picked up.   Ken mentioned that he had purchased a new body camera at the cost of $411.96 with the approval of Mayor Linton.  Moore also stated that he is having trouble with his radio in his patrol car and wondered about updating it.  He presented a quote from K-Com.  D. Duskie stated that he had talked to Pierce Electronics about the issues that Ken was having.  Consensus of council was to table this issue until prices were checked into further.
  2. Mick: Reminded council about the June 1 deadline for council filings for Nov elections.  Three council seats will be open for election.  Mick presented council with quotes for repairs on the sign that is on the municipal building.  We had received insurance money for repairs.  She received two quotes.  The job was awarded to Brush Art for the total of  $1,087.10.  She had also put payroll info in packets in regards to hourly rates.   Mick asked if she could put the HWY 24 garage sale info in the April utility billing like last year, using one side for clean-up and the other for garage sales.  Consensus of council was to go ahead.  Mick asked about attending a clerk meeting in Hays on Aug 25 .  J. Cornley made a motion for Mick to attend.  L. Wiese seconded.  Motion carried   5AYES      Mick gave a update on the Mutual aid agreements that we had sent to Downs, she stated that she had talked to the Fire Chief and he stated that they were waiting on attorney approval.

9:15 p.m. –  D. Bader made a motion to go into executive session for non-elect personnel with City attorney Martin and with the option to call D. Reling in for 20 minutes.  J. Cornely seconded   Motion carried   5 AYES

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9:35 p.m. –  J. Cornely made a motion to return to regular session .  L. Wiese seconded.   Motion carried   5AYES   NO ACTION

9:40 p.m. – D. Bader made a motion to go into executive session for non-elected personnel with City attorney Martin and D. Reling  for 30 minutes.  J. Cornely seconded.   Motion carried    5AYES

9:55 p.m. – J. Conrely made a motion to return to regular session.  L. Wiese seconded.  Motion carried   5 AYES    NO ACTION


  1. The City sales tax issue was discussed and City Attorney Martin asked the council if they wanted him to proceed with this issue.  They asked him to bring them more information at the next council meeting
  2. Reling brought more information to the council on the water tower work. D. Duskie made a motion to resend the approval for Tank Spek LLC. to do the repairs. J. Cornely seconded.  Motion carried   5AYES   Reling presented proposals from McGuire Iron for $1750.00 and Utility Services for $1650.00.  D. Bader made a motion to except the proposal from McGuire Iron at a cost of $1,750.00.  D. Duskie seconded.  Motion carried   5 AYES


  1. A letter was read from the Mitchell Co. Community Development in regards to the FREE DUMP FEES at the Mitchell Co. Landfill, May 1 thru May 6, 2017.  This opportunity was made available through the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.
  2. A letter was presented in regards to a grant that Mitchell Co. Community Development is applying for to supply AED devices in Mitchell Co.. The cost of the device is $1,400.00. The total cost of the devices could be totally covered by the grant or the locations could be asked to do matching funds. J. Cornely made a motion to get one AED device for the City of Cawker with the possibility of having to do matching funds.  Wiese seconded.    Motion carried  5 AYES


10:15 p.m.– D. Duskie made a motion to adjourn.  L. Wiese seconded.  Motion carried   5AYES























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