Smith County Commissioners – February 21, 2017


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Office of the County Clerk – Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners

February 21, 2017

The County Commissioners met in regular session on February 21, 2017 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Art Befort, Tom James, and Roger Allen. Also present was Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.

Commissioners approved the agenda for the February 21, 2017 meeting.

Commissioners approved the February 13, 2017 minutes.

The chairman reviewed and signed the Treasurer’s daily balance sheet envelopes. The clerk attested his signature.

Commissioners approved vouchers #34901-34903 from the following funds:

General                                                             3601.76

Road                                                                13823.72

Noxious Weed                                                     496.46

Health Dept.                                                       1137.76

Appraiser                                                              110.64

EMS                                                                        38.32

Solid Waste                                                           625.02

Diversion Fund                                                      105.85

Special Law Enforcement Fund                                 19.99

Motor Vehicle Fund                                               217.00

TOTAL                                                           $ 22,075.52

Commissioners approved Payroll #4 for $97,295.46.

Befort asked about the road closing on DD Road between 60 & 70 Roads.   Commissioners discussed policy and procedure for closing roads.   Commissioners agreed to adjust the procedure for closing roads to publish the road closing in the county newspaper within two weeks of the notice to close and allow 4 weeks from the road closing decision before holding the public hearing.

Kathy Hansen provided information on road closing and property lines and on the Health Department building.

Wolters reported that Sheriff Lehman asked about passing a burning ban.  Commissioners agreed to review the burning ban at a later time.

Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor, discussed the following:

  1. Casey Fraser, Foley Implement, joined the meeting. Fritz discussed a long term plan for replacing the equipment in the Smith County Road Dept.   Commissioners reviewed the current equipment.  Fritz discussed the rock grinder and suggested rebuilding the grinder in the next year to allow for longer use of the rock grinder.
  2. Fraser discussed having a blade instructor come and train the employees on road building and maintenance of the motor graders. Befort indicated that he wishes to have training as a priority for Smith County.
  3. Fritz reported that the tube on 140 & E Roads will be put in this week if weather permits. Fritz reported that the fiber optic line has been relocated.
  4. Fritz reported that the hospital road is under construction and will be completed after adding shale to the road.
  5. Fritz reported that the dirt for the new hospital location will be delivered this week. Commissioners agreed to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the hospital.   Fritz reported that he would like to complete the hospital road so he can return his blade men to their districts.
  6. James discussed viewing roads today. Commissioners agreed to meet after lunch for road viewing.

Commissioners reviewed the EMC Insurance Company claims listing.  Wolters reported that Joe Calogne, EMC Representative, asked about passing a formal safety training program.  Wolters also reported that Calogne viewed the buildings and had an informational meeting with Fritz and her.  Calogne agreed to send a follow up letter with recommendations for the commissioners to review.

Held February 21, 2017

Laura Hageman, Health Nurse, joined the meeting and reported on the following:

  1. Hageman reviewed her meeting schedule for the next two weeks.
  2. Hageman reported on the annual grant aid contracts. Hageman reported that MCH & WIC grant programs are administered by other counties and we participate through their program.
  3. Befort asked about the presentations Hageman provides for local groups. Hageman indicated that she asks what area of emphasis the group wishes to have presented.  Hageman reported that the general services provided through the Smith County Health Dept. are part of each presentation.  Befort asked about possible ways to increase understanding of county health services for the general public.
  4. Hageman reported that Sherry Koster, County Sanitarian, will attend in two weeks to report on the Local Environmental Planning Group program.

Julie Troy and Donna Devlin, representing the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Board, presented official recommendations for the CVB Board.   The Board recommended the following list of officers and members:

Donna Devlin, Chairman, Norma Overmiller, Secretary & Treasurer, Members-Garolene Wilson, Jean Rawlings, Julie Troy, Cindy Stones, Stan Smith, Edith McClain, Bonnie Slavik, and Nadine Holmes.  Commissioners agreed to appoint the board members and officers as recommended. There was some discussion about available funding and the possibility of a county-wide economic development program.   Devlin provided information and discussed a certified half marathon event for Smith County set for Saturday, September 30, 2017.    Devlin asked for county support in theory and for road maintenance prior to the event, plus CVB funding for the event.   Devlin explained that the chamber received CVB funding for the “Meet in the Middle” event.    Devlin and Troy asked that the commissioners authorize moving those funds to the half marathon event as the “Meet InThe Middle” event plans have been postponed indefinitely.   Commissioners approved the transfer of the funds and additional CVB proceeds as follows:

Smith Center Rec Commission for $550.00

Love Small Town America for $549.00

Dale Pickel and Mitch Fritz joined the meeting.  Pickel discussed the timing of connecting the new hospital road to the current South School Street.  Pickel indicated that the city waterline and sewer line will need to be developed prior to finishing the road or the road will be damaged during the changes made in the water and sewer lines.  Commissioners agreed to wait until the water and sewer line are in place prior to having the road department connect the new road to the current road.

Commissioners agreed to continue to participate in the NCKsPG sanitarian group.  The Chairman signed the participation agreement.

Mitch Fritz discussed a road closure request.  Fritz reported that reopened roads must be done by petition and petitioner must pay expenses of filing fees and reconstruction of the road.

A motion was made by Allen and seconded by James to convene in executive session from 11:45 a.m. till 12:00 noon to discuss non-elected personnel.  Also in the session were Mitch Fritz and Joshua Long.  Regular session reconvened at 12:00 noon.  Commissioners authorized Fritz to rehire Long.

As there was no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

These minutes are not official until signed by the county commissioners and attested to by the County Clerk.

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