NCK Tech Wellness Center Hires New Director

The NCK Tech Wellness Center announces the hire of new Director, Lori Guile. Mrs. Guile comes to Kansas from Haverhill, MA where she served as a Senior Manager and Program Director for Cedardale Health + Fitness. Guile will serve as the successor to long-time Director, Lori May, who has led the Wellness Center since 2007.

“Lori (May) has done a great job leading the Wellness Center over the last 13 years. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication. Her strong passion for the Center was evident to everyone she worked with,” said Wellness Center Board President, Curt Frasier.

“Looking at how far the Center has come during her tenure, it’s easy to see Lori’s contribution,” said Eric Burks, Wellness Center Board Member. “Lori (May) has been a champion for fitness and wellness in the area, and we very much appreciate all she has accomplished.”

Guile, and her husband Brice, have enjoyed hunting and fishing in Kansas for several years. A few years ago they purchased a house in the area and recently decided to relocate their hunting dog business to Esbon, KS.

“Our board is excited to name Lori Guile as the new Director of the NCK Wellness Center. Lori brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for wellness. Mrs. Guile has over 35 years of fitness and wellness center planning and development. She has worked with centers from the ground up serving patrons from all levels,” said Frasier. We ask the community to join us in welcoming Lori Guile as the new Wellness Center Director.”

“I am so excited to become part of the NCK Wellness Center Community,” said Guile. “To have an opportunity to work in this state of the art facility and offer wellness programs to all in this region is a dream come true. I look forward to meeting all of you!”