COVID-19 Testing Now Available At Community Memorial Healthcare

Within the last 24 hours, more COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing options have become available to us here at CMH. This means that we will have the ability to more widely test patients with suspicious symptoms (for a full list of symptoms, please visit at this time.

“We think coronavirus is likely in our community at this point,” said Dr. Shane Thoreson, chief of medical staff at CMH, “but we won’t know for sure until we’re able to conduct more testing. Now that the state’s guidelines and avenues for testing have changed and increased, we will be better able to address our patients’ concerns.”

Patients are encouraged to call Community Physicians Clinic (CPC) at 785-562-3942 if they feel they may have possible COVID-19 symptoms and have been in an area where cases have previously been identified. Patients will be screened over the phone and a provider will determine whether or not the patient needs to be tested.