Summerfield Transition Plus Project Receives $300K Grant

By Bruce Dierking – KNDY News

Marshall County Partnership for Growth received notice this past week from the Kansas Secretary of Commerce office that the Summerfield Transition Plus project will qualify for $300,000 in tax credits toward a proposed project that would convert the former Summerfield School into a high tech produce tower farm, and greenhouse facility that would incorporate former military transitioning from service to private sector.

The training and hands on experience would qualify these individuals for later careers in produce farming operations. The project could boost Summerfield and area community population with participants and would serve to support local businesses and services.

KNDY News will have more details on the project, and the grant forthcoming. A total of 17 nonprofit organizations were awarded 70% tax credits to support education, healthcare, and housing projects statewide, with 39 groups applying initially.