Osborne County Commissioners – January 17, 2017

Osborne County Commissioners – Minutes for Special Meeting

January 17, 2017

Present: Alfred Reif, C.W. “Bill” Seaman, Craig Pottberg, and Vienna Janis, County Clerk.

Alfred Reif called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioners read the minutes for January 9, 2017. C.W. Seaman moved to approve the minutes as presented for January 9, 2017, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried.

C.W. Seaman updated commissioners on information from Heineken Electric out of Beloit.

Commissioners signed and approved checks and vouchers totaling $28,838.71:

General                                   $19,778.44

Road & Bridge                         286.85

Health                                     779.14

Appraiser Cost                         3,956.06

Noxious Weed                         359.29

Ambulance                              289.69

Waste Disposal                       1,072.32

OFD #1 General                      901.55

OFD #2 General                       152.61

Local E-911 Fund                     1,246.76

Osborne Co. E-Waste              16.00

Total                $28,838.71

Don Snyder met with commissioners and presented an Emergency Proclamation for Disaster declared by the Governor for the ice storm. The dates are for January 13 through January 16, 2017 in all 105 counties. Don also stated there is a meeting/training in Beloit on January 24.

Kenton Lyon met with commissioners and presented paperwork to C.W. Seaman on the pumping station in Round Mound Township.

Vienna Janis presented 2016 annual reports for Bethany and Natoma Townships. Commissioners looked over the reports. C.W. Seaman moved to approve the annual report for Bethany Township for 2016, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried.

Craig Pottberg moved to approve the annual report for Natoma Township for 2016, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Vienna Janis presented Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) Rebates. Alfred Reif moved to approve NR rebates for Perry & Samantha Schweitzer for tax ID#1-210001160 for $280.92 and for Justin Schultze for tax ID#1-270001721 for $837.49, C.W. Seaman second. Vote: all motion carried.

Sarah LaRosh met with commissioners to give an update on Osborne County Community Foundation activities. Sarah shared information about upcoming meetings in various communities. She also gave information on “Love you County” Campaign for 2017. Sarah explained that the foundation is in no way affiliated with the hospital and all her time is on her own time and not with the Osborne County Memorial Hospital. She encouraged commissioners to check out the web-site for the foundation.

Craig Pottberg shared information on upcoming class through Kansas Association of Counties on Budgeting and Finance that will be held February 22 in Newton. He stated he would like to attend. Alfred Reif stated he would like to attend also. Vienna Janis stated she will get them registered.

Vienna Janis asked commissioners if the plan to give raises for 2017. Discussion was held. C.W. Seaman moved to give a 25 cent per hour raise to all employees except commissioners effective January 1, 2017, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Commissioners discussed IT and if it was working out.

Alfred Reif discussed that he has spoken to Bruce Berkley about flying his drone around the courthouse and taking pictures of the roof.

C.W. Seaman moved to adjourn with no other business, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried. Meeting ended at 11:48 a.m.