2023 4-H District Club Day Results for Washington County 4-Hers

Members from the River Valley Extension District 4-H Clubs attended District 4-H Club Day held Saturday, February 18th at Washington County High School in Washington, KS.

The following results are for Washington County 4-H Clubs (Busy Bee – BB; Farmington – F; Hanover – H; Happy Spirit – HS; Happy Workers – HW; Linn Livewires – LL; Lucky Four – L4; Stick To It – STI)

Model Meeting

Top Purple: Farmington 4-H Club

2nd Alt. Top Purple: Linn Livewires 4-H Club

Talent – Skits – Plays – Other Talent

            Top Purple: Busy Bee 4-H Club

Top Purple: Happy Spirit 4-H Club

Top Purple: Lucky Four 4-H Club

Top Purple: Avery Jandera, Sawyer Jandera, Lyla Dragastin (H)

Top Purple: Nellie Fahey (L4)

Top Purple: Emeline Taddiken (L4)

1st Alt. Top Purple: Emily Schwab (L4)

2nd Alt. Top Purple: Jalyn Fahey (L4)

Vocal Music – Chorus/Ensembles/Solo

            Top Purple: Hanover 4-H Club

Top Purple: Ava Sedlacek (HS)

Red: Lexie Clark (HS)

Jr./Sr. Readings, Poetry and Prose/Solo Acting

Top Purple: Kyah Keesecker (F)

Top Purple: Lyla Dragastin (H)

1st Alt. Top Purple: Cedric Kyner (HS)

Blue: Trevor Clark (HS)

Blue: Clayton Strunk (STI)

Blue: Ethan Kruse (HW)

Blue: Amber Kolle (LL)

Blue: Witt Keesecker (F)

Blue: Rowley Keesecker (F)

Public Speaking:

Top Purple: Hayden Englert (F)

Blue: Kady Toole (BB)

Jr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk:

Top Purple: Colton Doll

2nd Alt. Top Purple: Kane Scheer (BB)

Blue: Collin Cole (F)

Blue: Carter Cole (F)

Blue: Kyah Keesecker (F)

Blue: Bo Doll (F)

Blue: Charlie Bruna (F)

Blue: Henley Tiemeyer (F)

Blue: Colten Meadows (BB)

Blue: Bradley Schwab (L4)

Blue: Ian Ohlde (LL)

Blue: Cecilia O’Rourke (LL)

Blue: Lexie Clark (HS)

Blue: Trevor Clark (HS)

Blue: Gus Penner (HW)

Blue: Matthew Penner (HW)

Red: Carter Meadows (BB)

Sr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk:

            Top Purple: Rowley Keesecker (F)

Top Purple: Witt Keesecker (F)

Top Purple: Blake Orth (BB)

Blue: Octavien Cardenas (BB)

Blue: Angelina Cisneros (BB)

Blue: Jordi Fahey (L4)

Blue: Madisyn Lohse (F)

Blue: Cayden Meadows (BB)

Red: Sofia Uffman (LL)

Red: Joree Bentz (F)

Red: Emma O’Rourke (LL)

White: Deavon Ohlde (LL)

Jr Instrumental Music:

Blue: Clara Wurtz (HS)

Blue: Anna Scheele (HW)

Blue: Justus Uffman (LL)

Blue: Gracen Wendland (LL)

Blue: Brooks Bruna (H)

Blue: Kyah Keesecker (F)

Blue: Jordy Peters (F)

Blue: Lyla Dragastin (H)

Blue: Marci Taddiken (L4)

Blue: Grainger Wendland (LL)

Blue: Evan Long (LL)

Red: Gaige Wendland (LL)

Red: Agnes Goeckel (L4)

Sr Instrumental Music:

            Top Purple: Witt Keesecker (F)

Top Purple: Rowley Keesecker (F)

1st Alt. Top Purple: Happy Workers 4-H Club

Blue: Ava Sedlacek (HS)

Blue: Cayden Meadows (BB)

Blue: Grace Baxter (STI)

Blue: Kady Toole (BB)

White: Emma O’Rourke (LL)

White: Sabrina Hill (BB)

Project Talks:

Top Purple: Cedric Kyner (HS)

Blue: Carter Meadows (BB)

Blue: Colten Meadows (BB)

Blue: Kate Nutsch (BB)

Blue: Cooper Nutsch (BB)

Blue: Carter Nutsch (BB)

Blue: Kaleb Clark (HS)

Blue: Cecilia O’Rourke (LL)


            Top Purple: Stick To It 4-H Club

Top Purple: Joree Bentz (F)


Show & Share:

Participation: Emerson Alldredge (BB)

Participation: Avery Jandera (H)

Participation: Sawyer Jandera (H)

Participation: James Schwab (L4)

Participation: Lanie Doll (F)

Participation: Jordy Peters (F)


Eligible Top Purple placings may participate in the Regional 4-H Club Day to be held March 25, 2023, at the Clay Center Community High School, 1630 9th Street, Clay Center.

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