Fifth Year Celebration and Finale of School Marathon

The finale of the fifth annual School Marathon took place Friday, October 11. Students from St. John’s and Beloit Elementary gathered at their respective schools, due to inclement weather, to complete the 26.2 mile marathon journey.

Over 100 students from grades first through sixth at Beloit Elementary began the journey and 86 completed the marathon. At St. John’s 50 students in kindergarten through fifth grade started and 50 students completed.

Under the direction of Stephanie Simmons, director of the Mitchell County Regional Medical Foundation, and Stacy Thompson (BES) and Kelly and Teresa Griffeth (St. John’s) race coordinators, nearly 150 students from at both schools gathered to celebrate the achievements of the marathon finishers. The gymnasiums of each school were filled with students, parents, family and supporters.

Each student completing the 26.2 mile journey was recognized and received a t-shirt, 26.2 medal and a final charm for their school marathon necklace that read, “Stronger with Every Mile – 26.2!”

“We could not be more proud and happy with the School Marathon program entering completing its fifth year in Beloit,” said Simmons. “This program teaches kids more than just physical activity it shows them goal setting and achievement, it builds self confidence and promotes health lifestyle choices. We look forward to next year and growing this program to other schools in our county and region!”

For Highlights and more information about School Marathon and a celebration of finales past and present please visit the Medical Foundation’s Facebook page and watch a video honoring the students and thanking all the volunteers.