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Marshall County Commission Meeting Minutes – 9/16/19

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The Board of Marshall County Commissioners met in regular session with David E. Baier, chairman, Keith Bramhall member, Barbara Kickhaefer member and county Clerk Sandra Wilson present. Paul Kessinger with The Advocate arrived at the meeting at 8:37 a.m.

The Board of Commissioners called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting with the flag salute.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved upon motion of David E. Baier, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer. Unanimous.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approve the following purchase orders. Unanimous.

TreanorHL, Lawrence, KS
For Professional Services
$4,000.00-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5982

Elizabeth M. Olson, Attorney, Hiawatha, KS
For Contract attorney fee (September 2019)
$2,000.00-District Court Fund-P.O. #6034

Legacy, Marysville, KS
For Carpet & HVAC cleaning
$2,220.00-Health Dept. Bldg Fund-P.O. #6042

For Shingles Vaccine
$1,413.20-Health Dept. Fund-P.O. #6041

Underground Vaults & Storage, Hutchinson, KS
For Lease Rental
$2,801.88-District Court Fund-P.O. #6033

Neofunds by Neopost, Carol Stream, IL
For Postage
$3,500.00-General (Commissioners) Fund-P.O. #6076

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk, Loyd, Hutchinson, KS
For Budget Preparation
$20,814.00-General (Commissioners) Fund-P.O. #6054

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig and Public Works Coordinating Supervisor Larry Polson met with the Board.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approve the following purchase orders. Unanimous.

Oden Enterprises, Wahoo, NE
For Steel for site B#19-I.8 & C#14-E.05
$7,689.80-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108989

Welborn Sales, Salina, KS
For 30 pc Corrugated metal pipe for restock +12 bands
$15,376.08-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108990

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig reported that a bridge structure in Blue Rapids Township in Section 15 was found upon bridge inspection to be out. Following last week’s discussion regarding the Low Volume Bridge Project, this would be a good bridge to take off of inventory to qualify for an additional $50,000.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to close bridge #9.5-AA.9 located in Blue Rapids Township, Section 15 and remove from inventory. Unanimous.

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig discussed the low water crossing in Lincoln Township. The township is afraid that the crossing will break up and wash downstream, causing issues. They are asking that the County remove the crossing. No action will be taken at this time.

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig and Public Works Coordinating Supervisor Larry Polson reported that Kevin & Tim have been busy cleaning ditches in the East/Southeastern part of the County. Mr. Craig said they would be doing patchwork at Vliets today to smooth out where the tube was put in. The weather is cooperating and they are busy continuing to work on projects.

David E. Baier moved at 9:00 a.m. to Recess the regular meeting & Open the Budget Hearing, seconded by Keith Bramhall. Unanimous. Scot Loyd with Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC, Public Works Administrator Mike Craig and County Sheriff Dan Hargrave were present for the Budget Hearing.

Mr. Loyd presented the budget and answered several questions.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve the 2020 Marshall County Budget as presented. Unanimous.

At 9:27 a.m. County Counselor Jason Brinegar, David Richardson, Joe Pilsl and Don Ballman joined the meeting.

David E. Baier moved at 9:38 a.m. to adjourn the Budget Hearing & resume the regularly scheduled meeting, seconded by Keith Bramhall. Unanimous.

Joe Pilsl, Assistant Fire Chief for Marysville Fire Department addressed the Board asking for permission to install flashing lights to personal vehicle in compliance with K.S.A. Statute 8-2010 for safety and quicker response to fire calls. The request would be only for fire chief or assistant fire chief. Mr. Pilsl was asked if they needed specific insurance coverage for this and he said he asked his insurance agent and no special insurance is required. Commissioner Baier said he would not be opposed to the lights but feels it is something that needs to be approved by the Board of County Commissioners and the City Counsel. County Counselor Jason Brinegar will draft a Resolution to be brought to the Board for review next week. Mr. Richardson, Mr. Pilsl and Mr. Ballman were told that if they have any input for the Resolution to please be in contact with Mr. Brinegar.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar reminded the Board that the Tax Sale will be Friday, September 20, 2019 beginning at 10:00 am. There are 11 tracts to sell. Mr. Brinegar will not be present but the sale will be overseen by Coleman Younger, Libby Brinegar and Liberty Obley. County Counselor Jason Brinegar will visit with County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker to finalize some of the details.

Commissioner Bramhall presented a letter to County Counselor Jason Brinegar from Ag Partners Cooperative requesting permission to relocate an existing anhydrous ammonia tank. Mr. Brinegar will draft a letter of approval in response to this request and bring it back to the Board for approval.

Doug McKinney, Executive Director of North Central Regional Planning Commission, Emily Benedick, Assistant Director, Community Development Representative and Ellen Barber, Marshall County Partnership for Growth Director met with the Board. Mr. McKinney presented the Board with an updated pamphlet. He also discussed FMA Funding Priorities and FEMA and grant opportunities. Emily is working with area communities on several projects. She is working with Blue Rapids on their pool and said she thinks they are looking at possible sales tax for funding and will likely put a city sales tax to vote next Spring. She is also working with Frankfort on improving the truck route through town.

Marshall County Partnership for Growth Director Ellen Barber told the Board that they have signed contracts in place for the Blue Rapids grocery store and that 2 businesses will likely apply for the Downtown Revitalization Program that was recently approved by the State.

County Health Nurse Sue Rhodes met with the Board to present her monthly income/expenses for the health department. She had questions on the legality of allowing her WIC subcontractor to drive the County vehicle to meetings and appointments. County Counselor Jason Brinegar returned to the meeting at that time and was able to answer these questions. The County’s KCAMP insurance is responsible for insuring the vehicle, not the people. The driver’s primary insurance would be responsible for any injury and then Kansas Personal Injury Policy (PIP) would subsidize this.

County Health Nurse Sue Rhodes informed the Board that as a result of a conference that Cheryl Skalla and Tami Stowell attended, they have made arrangements for a Sex Trafficking Presentation to be conducted at Frankfort High School on September 19, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. for the students and the night prior to the presentation will be focusing on the parents role in recognizing or avoiding these situations and this will be on September 18, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. The presentation will also be conducted for the Marysville Junior Senior High students on October 8, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. and the parents portion being the night before on October 7, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar met with County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker regarding the tax sale. There is an abstract fee and publication costs of approximately $480 per each tract for sale. It is the directive of the Board that these fees be waived if the bid amount is below this. Also, the delinquent taxes DO NOT include 2018 taxes, therefore, these will also be removed. The new owner will be responsible for 2019 taxes and all future years and will be responsible for the filing fee with the Register of Deeds to file the transfer documents.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane met with the Board. She presented the Board with a comprehensive list of meals served and expenses for the past 2 years.

County Sheriff Dan Hargrave met with the Board. It was brought to his attention that the Clerk’s office received some recent requests for per diem payouts. These requests were denied by the Clerk’s office as they were for inmate transfers. It was previously discussed that since the transporters were on duty with the Sheriff’s office, they do not qualify for per diem as they would not normally have their lunch paid for while on duty. The per diem is for meetings, conferences and trainings out of town.

Sheriff Hargrave asked the Board if it would be a good idea to set a time for the Board, himself, Scot Loyd, Jeff Lane with TreanorHL, Bridget Mallin & Josh Walker with Loyd Builders and financial advisor David Arteberry with George K. Baum & Company to all get together to discuss the jail and the financing options. Sheriff Hargrave will make the phone calls to arrange this meeting to take place in the next couple of weeks.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve Ag Partners request for relocation of an anhydrous ammonia tank in Vliets, Kansas and sign the letter. Unanimous.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to approve the following purchase order. Unanimous.

The Advocate, Marysville, KS
For 2019 (2018 taxes) Delinquet Real Estate Publication
$4,299.75-General (Treasurer) Fund-P.O. #6077

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to Extend Resolution #20-19-05-20-1 Proclamation of a State of Local Disaster Emergency for Marshall County, Kansas for the week of September 16, 2019. Unanimous.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve vouchers as presented and issue manual warrants from respective funds. Unanimous.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to adjourn the meeting at 12:18 p.m. Unanimous. The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, September 23, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

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