Sandy Wilson Elected Marshall County Clerk Tuesday

By Bruce Dierking – KNDY News

Sandy Wilson of Beattie was elected Marshall County Clerk Tuesday, to fill the unexpired term through 2020 of Sonya Stohs, who resigned the office effective June 18th. Wilson has served the past year as deputy clerk and has many years’ experience as a county employee in the treasurer, appraiser, and clerks’ offices. She was the only candidate nominated by members of the Democratic Central Committee, and was elected by acclamation following comments, and questions. Her selection will be forwarded to Kansas Governor Laura Kelly for approval.

In comments, Wilson outlined the multiple responsibilities involved, and pledged “to restore some trust to the office,” adding that she would “treat everyone’s issue as if it were the most important.” She noted that the biggest challenge would be the image of the clerk’s office, and rebuilding trust.

Asked what the underlying problem was, she replied that policies and procedures are in place to handle accounts payable, which may have been circumvented in the past. Going forward, she is in favor of an open book policy, and cross training employees. The office is working together to follow the rules and has worked with the County Treasurer to improve the system, which now allows commissioners to see details on each warrant entered for payment.