Megan Voracek Selected As New Marshall County Attorney

By Bruce Dierking – KNDY News

Megan Voracek of Seneca was selected as Marshall County Attorney, by the Republican Central Committee meeting in Marysville Tuesday evening. Her nomination will be forwarded to Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, who then has seven days to respond. Her approval would allow Voracek to fill the unexpired term of Laura Johnson-McNish, who has accepted an appointment as District Magistrate Judge. Coleman Younger of Frankfort was the other candidate for county attorney.

Both agreed that they would recommend commissioners combine what has been separated into county attorney, assistant county attorney, and county counselor positions. Voracek noted that those combined costs were some $156,000 annually, compared with Nemaha County at around $95,000 for a county attorney and assistant. Even considering the population and number of cases served, she anticipated potential savings well into the tens of thousands of dollars, if commissioners choose to make a change.

Local experience was similar for both candidates, Voracek returning to her hometown of Seneca to join practice with her father Bill O’Keefe 7 years ago, and Younger moving back to his hometown of Frankfort 4 years ago to join Galloway, Weigers, Bringar in Marysville.

Voracek indicated that she and her family will stay in Seneca, where her four children are students, and that she plans to seek election to the post in 2020.

Several questions from committee members referenced ongoing legal, and budget challenges in the Marshall County Courthouse, and references were made by at least one attendee as to stronger commitment to the open meetings act. Those concerns may have drawn a larger than usual crowd for such a meeting, with nearly sixty citizens in attendance. Both candidates pledged to prosecute to the fullest extent any individuals found guilty of wrongdoing, as ongoing investigations are completed.

Again, Megan Voracek was selected Tuesday for Marshall County Attorney, and may assume the role as early as July 1st if approved by the governor.