Spring Weed Control for Home Lawns

With Kansas lawns beginning to green up, homeowners are seeing an array of broadleaf weeds – including dandelions, knotweed, chickweed and henbit – caused by wet soils.
If dandelions are an issue but they haven’t completely overtaken the lawn, K-State Research and Extension turfgrass specialist Jared Hoyle says there are a couple of treatment options.

With soil temperatures now above 55-degrees, Hoyle says a pre-emergence herbicide can be applied to control summer annuals, including crabgrass.

Because warm soils and cooler air temperatures help promote root growth, fall is the best time for fertilizing cool-season lawns, such as Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. However, if you didn’t get a fall application out or the lawn isn’t looking real healthy, Hoyle says a slow-release fertilizer can be applied in the spring.

Answers to your lawn care maintenance questions can be found at county or district Extension offices or by visiting the K-State Turfgrass Information web page at: www.k-state.edu/turf.