State Music Showcase Sunday At The Art Center

This Sunday the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art, Marysville, will be filled with the sound of music. State Music Showcase, an event sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative, will spotlight students who have received a top rating on their solo or ensemble performance at regional music competition. These students will give a special concert at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, April 14, at the art center as they prepare to go to state competition.

Admission to the concert is free.

Students from Marysville and Valley Heights high schools are participating. The afternoon concert, an annual tradition, will feature vocal and instrumental solos and ensemble performances.

“Last year’s showcase was so much fun,” Valley Heights band teacher Kim Oatney said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to hear students from the other schools, and it never hurts for the students to have another performance under their belts in preparation for state competition.”

Students invited to perform include:

Marysville — Ross Latta, baritone; Raudy Latta, baritone; Harlie Slupianek, flute; Megan Kirkland, trumpet; Jacy Butler, horn; McKenna Minneman, bassoon; Elizabeth Luppen, marimba; Michael Sanchez, vocal solo;

and Jacy Butler, vocal solo.

Valley Heights — Emma Yungeberg, trumpet; Carter Popejoy, trombone and vocal solo; Abby Lister, trumpet; Bailee Lister, tenor saxophone; Catherine Toerber, tenor saxophone; Macy Parker, clarinet; Megan Gray, clarinet; Amanda Merrill, flute; Maddie Walsh, flute; Sophie Brungardt, alto saxophone; Claire Nolte, alto saxophone; Brady Trimble, trumpet.

Three ensembles from Marysville and three from Valley Heights will perform.

“Any time students can perform their pieces in front of an audience, it helps with confidence and stage presence,” said Jamie Minneman, band teacher in Marysville. “I’m thankful for this opportunity for the kids, not only to show off their talents to our community, but for another chance to just get better.”

A reception will be after the concert.