State Music Showcase Sunday

Music Students to Perform at Art Center

Usually the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art is filled with visual art; this Sunday, however, the art center will be filled with music. State Music Showcase, an event sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative, will spotlight students who have received a “I” rating on their solo or ensemble performance at regional music competition. These students will give a special concert Sunday afternoon, April 23, at 4:00 p.m. at the art center as they prepare to go to state competition.

Students from Marysville High School and Valley Heights High School are participating.

“The best and most musical students are the ones that will be present at the State Music Showcase,” said Jamie Minneman, band teacher at Marysville High School.

Preparation for regional and state music competition begins in January when students choose music for their solos and ensembles.

Minneman feels that participation in regional and state music competition is an ideal way to strengthen and build her band program. “The benefits are the extra time spent on their horns outside of class,” she said. “As each individual gets better so does the entire band. It is a way to challenge those that want something a little more difficult to work on, and it builds confidence, independence, and chamber group skills.”

Kim Oatney, music teacher at Valley Heights High School, agrees. “The experience of performing at regional competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to build confidence and learn how to improve their talent,” Oatney said. “They have to earn the opportunity to go to regional and state competition through discipline and lots of hard work in and outside of class. It is easy to tell who goes the extra mile to perfect their piece.”

The afternoon concert will feature vocal and instrumental solos and ensemble performances. “Last year’s showcase was so much fun,” Oatney said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to hear students from the other schools and it never hurts for the students to have another performance under their belts in preparation for state competition.”

Following the concert there will be a reception.

Admission to the music showcase is free.