Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 3/25/19

The Marysville City Council, at a meeting Monday, approved moving forward with applying for both options for improvements to U.S. Highway 77 south, as recommended by B&G Consultants. The work would be a continuation of improvements slated to begin this summer, to include reconstruction of the U.S. Highway 36/77 intersection, and U.S. Highway 77 south to a point near the city park. Going forward, further improvements suggested were an extension further south to the bridge, with one-million-dollar grant funding from KDOT, and the city cost some $557,000. A second option at lower cost would extend the improvements only as far south as Jackson Street. A further option to better accommodate trucks turning at the U.S. Highway 36/77 junction would shift the lanes west at that intersection, from Broadway north to Center, and 10th Street going north. Council members asked a number of questions regarding this proposal at a previous meeting. No final action has been taken, pending KDOT approval of grant funds. KDOT has indicated that improving the turning radius at 10th and Center is a top priority.

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A bid from Kramer Oil for purchase of several acres of city owned property at 1206 11th Road was approved. Chad Kramer submitted the lone bid of $50,000, indicating that Kramer Oil plans to begin construction soon on an 8,000 square foot building for storage of product. The property has been vacant over a decade, after the city purchased it in 2006 in order to qualify for a grant for a new fire station at the site, which the city was not approved for.

An ordinance recommended by the Admin and Finance Committee restricting parking of vehicles on private property was sent back to further review definitions and restrictions. A variety of comments were heard by council members, expressing concern with the issue, balancing property owner rights with neighbors’ expectations, as well as the ability for handicapped individuals’ easier access. Stronger enforcement of the nuisance ordinances currently in place was encouraged. It was noted that a number of vehicles sitting on city streets are also a nuisance.

No decision was made on a suggestion by the City Administrator to consider Sunday liquor sales. Approval was given reducing the width of the alley behind the new Sunflower Credit Union building to sixteen feet, in order to accommodate a gas line. The city dump site is now open Wednesdays 4-6, and Saturday/Sunday 1-5, weather permitting for disposal of branches and yard waste.