Westar Energy Completing Transmission Work Via Helicopter South of Marysville

Topeka, Kan., March 25, 2019 – Westar Energy will use helicopters to install airflow spoilers to 9 miles of transmission line southwest of Marysville, Kansas. This project will improve reliability for the area.

Airflow spoilers prevent line galloping. Galloping causes the lines to bounce erratically and typically occurs when there are strong winds. This particular section of transmission line has experienced multiple galloping events recently.

Airflow spoilers work by disrupting aerodynamic flow. The spoiler wraps around the line and causes wind flow to constantly change, canceling lift.

Two small helicopters will be used for the work because terrain near the line makes bucket truck access very challenging. The use of helicopters minimizes impact to the land surrounding the area.

The maintenance will begin on April 1 and will completed no later than June 1, only operating during daylight hours.