Holle Awarded Top Honors As Empowering Manager At Conference

MARYSVILLE – Tami Holle, director of the Blue Rapids Medical Clinic of Community Memorial Healthcare (CMH), was recently awarded top honors as a Summit Award winner for Empowering Manager at the 19th Annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference in St. Pete Beach, Fla.

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The HealthCare Service Excellence Conference is presented by Custom Learning Systems, who is dedicated to delivering evidence based solutions to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the overall patient experience.

Holle was nominated by her peers and selected as a finalist in her category from nominations from hospitals across the country. Finalists in all award categories attended the conference, which is a celebration of another year of service excellence improvements, and only one person from each category received the summit award.

“Tami works very closely with our staff and is very supportive of them. She enables them to perform at their peak, and assists whenever necessary. She doesn’t consider her role as a manager to be above that of any of her staff, and is very willing to fill in for them if needed,” said one of her staff members, as part of their nomination for the award. “She is a visible manager, who interacts with patients, and doesn’t just sit in an office all day.” She also makes sure the staff feels included and enjoy their work, even if they cannot make the drive to participate in hospital campus activities, the nomination said.

The Summit Award is the highest award of excellence presented at the conference. It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals, teams, and healthcare facilities who have made outstanding progress towards improving the patient experience and staff engagement. In 2018, the Summit Awards committee received over 233 nominations from 23 different healthcare organizations spanning 11 states. 55 of the nominations were chosen as Pinnacle Achievers (finalists), and winners in each of the 15 categories were presented the Summit Award.

Also attending the conference were Jessica Capp, nursing unit secretary, Emily Dunsing, pharmacist, and Scott Keller, director of Information Technology, who were together nominated in the Service Excellence Ambassador Team category, and Service Excellence program director Pam Harrison.

Also receiving a first place win at the conference was the hospital’s “Team Bragging Video”, which was created by and starring hospital staff, and filmed and edited by Blue Valley Tele- Communication’s Jon Englert. The three-minute short film contest was created to bring staff together to show a culture of service to patients. A different theme for the films is implemented each year of the conference, requiring different objects to appear, usually in keeping with the locale of the conference. This year, the videos created were all to be beach themed, with required objects being waves, a conch shell, the word “culture” and each facility’s program implementation specialist making a cameo. Videos were voted on and ranked in order of preference by staff at each participating hospital, with no hospital being able to vote for their own video. While accepting the trophy for the award, CMH staff attending the conference received a standing ovation from the crowd. Since the contest began, the video has garnered over 1,500 views on YouTube. You can view the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- MJ4E_-pBtg or by visiting the Community Memorial Healthcare Facebook page.

CMH also received several awards in association with patient satisfaction, communication from patients to staff, and cleanliness.