Smith County Commissioners – March 6, 2017


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The County Commissioners met in regular session on March 6, 2017 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Art Befort, Tom James, and Roger Allen. Also present was Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.


Commissioners approved the agenda for the March 6, 2017 meeting.


Commissioners approved the February 27, 2017 minutes.


The chairman reviewed and signed the Treasurer’s daily balance sheet envelopes. The clerk attested his signature.


Commissioners reviewed the annual financial reports for the townships.  All townships but German and Harlan have submitted their annual reports to the clerk’s office.


Commissioners approved vouchers #34942 from the road department for $14900.46.


Commissioners approved Payroll #5 for $100,994.19.


Wolters provided a Sumner County Resolution addressing burning bans for the commissioners to review.


Commissioners discussed job applications and the recommendation by the representative from EMC insurance to background check all new employees prior to hiring.   Commissioners agreed to ask the sheriff about completing background checks.  Wolters provided a list of recommendation from EMC for improving safety performance for employees.


Ryan Rietzke joined the meeting and provided a written bid for rock crushing at the landfill.   Rietzke left the meeting.


Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor, discussed the following:

  1. Fritz indicated that the hospital road is complete.
  2. Fritz indicated that he will review Bridge 136 between CC & DD Roads.
  3. Fritz discussed widening CC Road between 210 & 220 Roads. Befort indicated that the wider road will accommodate the landowners hay trailer.  Befort asked about a time frame for widening the road.  Fritz indicated this spring but may be up to 6 months.  Befort asked to review the road the first of May.
  4. Fritz reported that he ordered 4 tubes.
  5. Allen discussed CBDG grant for bridge replacement on FAS Roads.
  6. Fritz discussed the 2018 State Bridge project (Bridge 241, Lincoln Township). The estimated 20% is $106,000.00.  Total cost of the bridge will be $529,000.00.   Fritz reported that there is money set aside in the Bridge Construction Fund for our share.
  7. Fritz discussed putting in a lift for mechanic’s work. Approximate cost was $16000.00 from NAPA.  James suggested getting prices from other vendors.
  8. Fritz discussed increase in pay for the mechanic position. Commissioners agreed to $1.50/hour increase to current pay and agreed to review at 6 months.  Fritz recommended reviewing pay at 1 year as well.
  9. Commissioners agreed to do additional review of job applications.
  10. Befort asked about CC & 160 Roads. Fritz reported that the plan is to correct drainage and other long term problem areas when there is time and proper conditions in the area.
  11. After reviewing the payroll summary for Payroll #5, Allen discussed a road employee’s attendance.
  12. Befort discussed the mapping position. Befort suggested that we have an outside “expert” look at the mapping situation for the county and review the long term plan.
  13. Fritz discussed the retirement party for Jones.

Fritz left the meeting


Wolters reported that Resolution 17-2 was passed on January 9, 2017.  However the commissioners at that time failed to sign the resolution.  The current commissioners agreed to sign the resolution in support of the action taken in the absence of signatures from the previous members of the Board of County Commissioners.


The resolution approves and encourages the PBC moving forward with participation in the NMTC (New Market Tax Credit) program for use in the hospital project.


Commissioners reviewed and approved one voided check and two journal entries #17004 & 17005.  Wolters reported that journal entry #17003 was voided and there will be no journal entry for this number.


Dave Tucker joined the meeting and discussed the following:

  1. Allen asked for any additional bids for the landfill concrete crushing. Allen opened the single bid from CenCon of Kansas and accepted the bid proposal to keep 15% of crushed concrete and allow CenCon to keep the remaining rock with no charge to the county.   Commissioners agreed to allow CenCon to do additional processing for the City of Lebanon at the Landfill while crushing the Landfill rock.
  2. Befort discussed waste reduction and cost for digging an additional pit.
  3. Befort discussed paint and HHW disposal. Tucker discussed large tree stumps brought to the landfill from the City of Smith Center. Tucker suggested that we refuse the stumps because we have no way to dispose of them and the space in the landfill will be excessive.  Commissioners agreed to refuse any additional large tree stumps when they are too large to prudently be placed in the landfill.


ElDean Holthus joined the meeting.


Laura Hageman, Health Nurse, joined the meeting along with Sherry Koster, Sanitarian.  The following topics were discussed:

  1. Koster provided a sanitarian report and reviewed the current information. Befort asked about training requirements.   Koster reported on the approval to continue participating in the 7 county Sanitarian group.
  2. Hageman discussed her schedule. She will participate Kid-Link training and the grant workshop.  There will also be a breastfeeding workshop.
  3. Hageman discussed the upcoming LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) meeting.
  4. Hageman also reported on some participation by the health department in school activities.

Hageman and Koster left the meeting.


Patrick Eastes, EMS Director, joined the meeting and discussed the following:

  1. Eastes reported that he has a release for one employee to return to work. Wolters agreed to reinstate the higher pay.  Allen asked about verification.  Eastes reported he uses a standard review of all employees returning to work.
  2. Eastes discussed preventative maintenance contract on Zoll Monitors. Commissioners approved the maintenance agreement.   Allen signed the agreement.
  3. Eastes reviewed the statistical report for February. EMS received 55 calls in February.
  4. Eastes reviewed an RFP he sent to 7 vendors for the EMS vehicle replacement. Eastes reported that March 24th is the last date for the RFP.

Eastes left the meeting.


ElDean Holthus asked the commissioners about road maintenance on the Home on the Range Road.  Holthus asked the commissioners to discuss allowing maintenance to be completed by a Home on the Range designated person.   Holthus stated he would be the designated person and Dean Panter will be the alternate.  Commissioners agreed to review and address the request.  Holthus left the meeting.

Tom James made a motion and it was seconded by Roger Allen to adopt Resolution 17-04 adopting a burning ban.  Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioners dismissed to attend Multi-County meeting in Mankato.

The following topics were discussed:

Introduction of new commissioners

County Sanitarian Report

Tax Lid and its ramifications to our counties

IT positions and IT policies for each county

E-Waste Program


Purple Wave Sales

Mitchell County will host the June 2017 meeting

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




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