K-State Tap Dance Ensemble Performs Friday

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble will perform a free tap dance presentation at 7:00 p.m. Friday in the Marysville High School auditorium. In addition to the evening performance, the ensemble will be at Marysville Elementary School and at Waterville Elementary Friday afternoon. ?

Their performance and dance clinics are sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative.

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble began touring in 2007.

“Our ensemble is committed to sharing tap dance with the local, regional, national and international community,” said Julie Pentz, associate director and associate professor of dance at Kansas State University and artistic and managing director of the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble. “We do this by offering live performances and lecture demonstrations. In addition to our performances, this unique ensemble is committed to the International Tap Dance Association,” she said.

“Our Tap To Togetherness Program offers sessions throughout the state and in May they traveled to Ghana, Africa to offer the program,” she said.

Pentz said the program’s objectives include enhancing self-esteem, increasing positive discipline, assessing and improving body movement coordination, identifying sensory needs and then collaborating on ways to meet children’s sensory needs through tap dance sessions, and examining and enhance family relationships.

?In the ensemble’s off time, they deliver Tap-A-Grams for all occasions. Halloween and Valentine’s Day are busy days for the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble, Pentz said.

For information about Friday’s performance people may contact Brad Ekiss, president of the arts cooperative, at 785-562-4024.