Devin Treaster Fundraiser Announced

UPDATE: After months of feeling unwell, treatments since February and an initial negative cancer diagnosis; on July 25th, earth-shattering news forever changed the lives of Devin, his wife Kelsey and their two little ones, Avery (8) & Easton (4)—Devin was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal cords. While his overwhelming diagnosis was met with fear, worry and disbelief; it was followed by HOPE, LOVE, FAITH and DETERMINATION! Devin is a very proud life-long Beloit resident! After meeting with his oncologist, he was given updated treatment options, one of which was a possible partial Laryngectomy, feeling this was the best option, he was sent to KU MED to meet with Dr. Bur to see if he was a candidate. Fortunately, he was a candidate, surgery was preformed and he came home on August 27th!! With this treatment plan, Devin will have major limitations, but is able to avoid radiation. He will travel back to KU MED in 2 weeks and then will be closely monitored for the next couple of years with 6 week check-ups. He will also need to meet with a GI from KU MED to address his esophageal achalasia, which is thought to be the cause of his cancer. Devin would like to express his sincere gratitude to those who have sent cards and texts, and for all the prayers and support that was offered to him and his family as he faced his diagnosis and to the persistence of his medical team.