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Lincoln County Commissioners – February 21, 2017

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February 21, 2017

The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioner was held in the commission meeting room of the courthouse Tuesday, February 21, 2017. Chairman Al Joe Wallace called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. with Vice-Chairman Terry Finch and Member Alexis Pflugh present. County Clerk Dawn Harlow was in attendance.

Others present for portion of the meeting: Cynthia Nelson, Rod Tromble, Mary Powell, Norman Mannel, Carl Nielsen, Jeremy Wiebke, Gary Sorensen, Delbert Wacker, Howard Wehrman, Darrell Oetting, Jim Wiebke, Barb Rathbun, Michel O’Hare, Robert Howe, Don Rider, Fred Kleinschmidt, Michel O’Hare, Robert Howe, Shawn Esterl, Chad Blackwood, Sean Wallace, Jeff Bender, Dustin Florence, Dwight Heller, Mike Weigel and Debora Zachgo.

The chairman recessed the meeting to the courtroom at 10:02 a.m.

The chairman reconvened the meeting in the courtroom at 10:04 a.m.

Mary Powell inquired whether the current lessor has presented a business plan according to the nursing home lease agreement, why an agreement on rent forgiveness was completed after the rent was forgiven and why the lessor is currently past due on rent.

Barnard City Clerk Barb Rathbun requested assistance with resolving the city’s sewer lagoon problem, relating that the current units are too large for the city’s current population and explained that the engineer is suggesting that they divide one lagoon into two cells and use dirt from the second lagoon to fill the cell however, the city will be required to also use bentonite and clay for the project. Rathbun related that City officials have been told that the county might have access to clay in one of the county leased gravel pits and requested approval to obtain clay from the pit, and also requested assistance in hauling the clay from the pit to the lagoon. Rathbun also requested approval to utilize the County’s tree trimmer on their April 22 cleanup day, and related that two county employees had volunteered their time to operate the equipment.

Don Rider inquired if the County has any regulations in regards to swine. The board related that the County does not and that he should contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for assistance.

Director of Public Works Michel O’Hare with Road and Bridge Supervisor Robert Howe provided pricing received from vendors to purchase annual noxious weed chemicals. O’Hare presented the three bids received to purchase two motor graders with guaranteed buyback pricing of the equipment in five years. The board opened and read the three bids received. Highway department officials will review the bids submitted and make recommendations at the next meeting. O’Hare presented a gravel agreement for the board’s approval. Terry Finch moved to enter into a three year gravel removal/purchase agreement with Thomas H Alm and Glenna S Alm, expiring March 1, 2020, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried. O’Hare presented a utility permit agreement for the board’s approval. Terry Finch moved to approve a utility permit agreement with Wilson Communications to bore under a county road, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried. O’Hare forwarded a request that all of the streets in Ash

Grove be vacated and provided a map of the area. Discussion ensued as to whether there would be parcels that would become landlocked. O’Hare discussed potential resources to rent a power driver and chip spreader and discussed bridge load rating changes. Howe reported that crews are still cutting trees and working on culvert replacements, and that he has received a request to install an entrance on Shoreline Dr. The board forwarded the requests from the City of Barnard.

Delbert Wacker provided pictures of previous requests for road and culvert repair in Indiana Township.

Terry Finch moved to recess for lunch. The chairman recessed the meeting for lunch at 12:02 p.m.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session at 1:00 p.m. in the basement meeting room.

Shawn Esterl, Saline County reported on Local Environmental Protection Program (LEPP) services being provided within the county during the 4th quarter and a review of activities for the calendar year 2016.

Sheriff Mike Weigel with Undersheriff Dustin Florence related that they would like to advertise to hire additional part-time dispatchers. Weigel clarified for those present, that the two Ford Explorers that were added recently to the fleet, were both used vehicles with approximately 50,000 miles on each vehicle, purchased from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Weigel explained the difficulties with the Dodge Chargers and that they just are not sufficient for use on country roads.

The board reviewed the WEB Fund committee’s recommendations for 2017 funding. Alexis Pflugh moved to approve the WEB Fund Committee’s recommendations as presented and approved the following Windpower Economic Benefit fund distributions: Sylvan High School, $1,800, to purchase a NFT Hydroponic System; Lincoln Art Center, $2,000, to assist with the “Unlocked” exhibit that will be shown at the Art Center July 14-August 31; and Sylvan Grove Fair Association, $3,500, to assist with the purchase of picnic tables, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried.

Alexis Pflugh moved to approve issuance of the following Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses 2016-01 & 2016-02, to Knotheads at Wilson Lake LLC, expiring December 31, 2017; and 2016-03, to Sylvan Grove Fair & Agricultural Assn, for special events over a three-month period, expiring July 31, 2017, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried.

Terry Finch moved to allow tax abatements 2016-14 through 2016-18 in the amount of $1,053.44, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried.

Al Joe Wallace moved to recess into executive session for five minutes from 1:42 p.m. – 1:47 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel matters of non-elected personnel with Human Resource Officer Debora Zachgo and County Clerk Harlow present, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session at 1:47 p.m.
Terry Finch moved to recess into executive session for five minutes from 1:47 p.m. – 1:52 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel matters of non-elected personnel with Human Resource Officer Zachgo and County Clerk Harlow present, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session at 1:52 p.m.
Terry Finch moved to approve and adopt the minutes of the February 13, 2017 regular meeting as presented, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried.

Numerous comments, complaints and rhetoric was received from meeting attendees throughout the day about the following subjects: the nursing home; Road and Bridge

Department; Noxious Weed Department; and board appointments.
With no further business to come before the board the chairman adjourned the meeting at 1:59 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. Monday, February 27, 2017 in the commission meeting room of the courthouse.

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