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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Marshall County Commission Meeting Minutes – 6/10/19

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Derek Nester
Derek Nester was born and raised in Blue Rapids, and graduated from Valley Heights High School in May of 2000. He attended Cowley College in Arkansas City and Johnson County Community College in Overland Park studying Journalism & Media Communications.After stops at KFRM and KCLY radio in Clay Center, he joined KNDY in 2002 as a board operator and play by play announcer. Derek is now responsible for the digital content of Dierking Communications, Inc. six radio stations.In 2005 Derek joined the staff of KCFX radio in Kansas City as a production coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network, which airs on over 94 radio stations across 12 Midwest states and growing. In 2018 he became the Studio Coordinator at the Cumulus Kansas City broadcast center for Kansas City Chiefs Football.

The Board of Marshall County Commissioners met in regular session with David E. Baier, Chairman and Barbara Kickhaefer member and Deputy County Clerk Sandra Wilson present. Paul Kessinger from the Marysville Advocate was also present for the meeting.

The Board of Commissioners called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting with the flag salute.

The minutes and agenda were approved as amended upon motion of Barbara Kickhaefer, seconded by David E. Baier. Motion passed 2-0.

Emergency Management Director Bill Schwindamann, Jr. presented the Board with an extension to the Flood Proclamation .

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to extend Proclamation 20-19-05-20-1 Local Disaster Emergency dated June 10, 2019 AND to retroactively approve the previous Resolution #18-03-18-1 dated May 6, 2019 and May 13, 2019. Motion passed 2-0.

Emergency Management Director Bill Schwindamann, Jr. said he was going to need to get new radios installed in his new truck. He was given direction to get bids from Haug Communications of Seneca, KS and Midwest Mobile out of St. Joseph, MO.

Public Works Coordinator Mike Craig & Public Works Coordinating Supervisor Larry Polson met with the Board. Mr. Craig reported that the bridge on Bluff Road is now open. They are busy working on repairs as the weather permits. Mr. Craig also reported that he got several calls over the weekend that the barricades on Utah Road were taken down again. Commissioner Kickhaefer asked Mr. Craig what they do with the old bridge planks when they are removed. She said that maybe the ones that are in good shape could be donated to the Marysville Dog Park. Mr. Craig said he would keep that in mind and contact someone when they have some available.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve the following purchase orders for Road & Bridge presented by Public Works Coordinator Mike Craig. Motion passed 2-0.

Truck Repair Plus Inc, Marysville, KS
For Labor, parts & oil.
$1,791.38-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108931

Central Power Systems & Services, Salina, KS
For replace radiator #503F
$4,318.83-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108932

Welborn Sales, Salina, KS
For 42 x 34 ft corrugated metal pipe C# 11.5-V.75 (N of Hwy 9 on 12th Ter)
$1,554.14-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. 108933

Public Works Coordinator Mike Craig discussed the trailer they have been renting from Chuck Henry Rentals, LLC out of Solomon, KS. He said it looks like the new trailer being purchased from Landoll Corporation will not be delivered until later this summer. Mr. Craig feels that with the condition of the roads and the fact that the local quarries are running low on rock, that an outright purchase of this trailer from Chuck Henry Rental, LLC would be beneficial. Chuck Henry Rentals, LLC has offered to sell the trailer for $17,500 and the June rental payment would be waived.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to purchase the 2002 CTS Trailer currently being leased from Chuck Henry Rentals, LLC, Solomon, KS. Motion passed 2-0.

Public Works Coordinator Mike Craig reported that the Frankfort building construction is coming along. Wester recently moved all the power lines for the construction. The power lines will then be buried connecting the buildings so that there are no overhanging lines to catch on equipment.

Tami Stowell with Marshall County Health Department presented the Board with 2 purchase orders for vaccines.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approve the following purchase orders for the Health Department. Motion passed 2-0.

For Pedvax HIB/Varivax
$5,690.92-Health Department Fund-P.O. #5895

GlaxoSmithKline, Atlanta, GA
For Intanrix and Bexero
$3,285.96-Health Department Fund-P.O. #5894

Marshall County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker requested to go into executive session for 5 minutes with the Board for matters of non-elected personnel.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to go into executive session at 9:14 for 5 minutes with County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker for matters of non-elected personnel. Motion passed 2-0.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by David E. Baier to authorize County Treasurer Jami Ellenbecker to offer a position of Clerk I Step I at the rate of $15.94 to Emmy Sedlacek to be effective July 1, 2019. Motion passed 2-0.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to pay delinquent real estate taxes due in the amount of $16.29 and $1.04 for a total of $17.33 on the properties that the County received via default from a past tax sale. Motion passed 2-0.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by David E. Baier to approved the following purchase order. Motion passed 2-0.

Chuck Henry Rentals LLC, Solomon, KS
For 2002 CTS 40ft Belly Dump TRLR
$17,500.00-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #108934
Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by David E. Baier to pay the following Home City Sewer bill out of the appropriate funds. Motion passed 2-0.

Westar Energy
200 Benjamin, Home, KS $64.94
408 E. 3rd, Home, KS $79.32

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve the following purchase orders. Motion passed 2-0.

Dave’s Body Shop, Marysville, KS
For Tires
$535.56-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5989

R & K Service, Marysville, KS
For 2016 Ram Brakes
$585.19-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5990

First Commerce Bank, Marysville, KS
For Final Pay off on (2) 2016 Dodge Ram Pickups
$19,448.89-Sheriff Reserve Fund-P.O. #5931

United Bank & Trust, Marysville, KS
For Final Pay off on 2015 Dodge Ram
$5,317.02-Sheriff Reserve Fund-P.O. #5932

KHP Partners, Topeka, KS
For 2019 Ram 1500 SSV
$26,023.66-Sheriff Reserve Fund-P.O. #5929

Nordhus Motors, Marysville, KS
For Service on 2015 Chev Tahoe (fuel pump)
$545.49-General (Sheriff) Fund-$545.49

Central Mechanical, Manhattan, KS
For Emergency Coupling Repair
$561.71-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5927

Dane’s Automotive, Marysville, KS
For 2013 Ram alternator assembly
$509.97-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5926

Danes’ Automotive, Marysville, KS
For 2013 Ram Repair – brakes
$534.42-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5925

CES Group, Marysville, KS
For Survey Data collected ADA upgrades (Jail project)
$725.00-General (Courthouse) Fund-P.O. #5964

TreanorHL, Lawrence, KS
For jail – professional services
$64,111.28-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #5930

Dell EMC
For Dell Latitude Laptop 3500
$815.16-Aging KDOT Fund-P.O. #5986

Midwest Mobile, St. Joseph, MO
For Radio & Equipment Maintenance
$819.83-911 Local Fund-P.O. #5937

Meghan Voracek, Attorney, Seneca, KS
For Contract Attorney Fee (May 2019)
$2,800.00-District Court Fund-P.O. #5947

Interstate Glass, Junction City, KS
For Repair of West Entryway Door
$1,405.00-Agency on Aging Fund-P.O. #5985

Northeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging (NEKAAA), Hiawatha, KS
For 2019 Admin Match
$2,164.00-Agency on Aging Fund-P.O. #5984

Steven A. Kraushaar, Attorney, Marysville, KS
For Contract Attorney Fee (May 2019)
$3,000.00-District Court Fund-P.O. #5946

Kevin M. Hill, Hiawatha, KS
For June 2019 flat fee for Assistant Co. Attorney
$3,333.33-County Attorney Fund-P.O. #5983

AT&T, Carolstream, IL
For 911 phone line charge
$921.82-911 Local Fund-P.O. #5936

The Board was presented with a letter from County Attorney Laura Johnson-McNish asking that the Board allow the newly appointed County Attorney to set the budget for the upcoming year. The furniture in the office of Laura Johnson-McNish (desk, hutch, bookshelves, 5 chairs, pictures, etc) was purchased from prior County Attorney Brian Carroll. County Attorney Laura Johnson-McNish is willing to sell these items to the Board of County Commissioners for a reasonable amount so that the incoming County Attorney does not have to deal with an empty office. The recommended reasonable amount is $1,000.00.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to allow an extension past the June 24 deadline to allow the newly appointed County Attorney to present the budget for the upcoming year and to pay Laura Johnson-McNish the amount of $1,000.00 for the furnishings in her office. Motion passed 2-0.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar met with the Board.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to go into executive session for 5 minutes at 9:40 a.m. with County Counselor Jason Brinegar to engage in attorney-client privileged discussions in order to assure compliance with the laws and evaluate legal risks. Motion passed 2-0.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to extend executive session for 5 additional minutes at 9:45 a.m. for the same reason with the same persons present.

Following executive session, the Board gave directive to Deputy County Clerk Sandra Wilson with the assistance of County Counselor Jason Brinegar to negotiate a final payment for the past due UMB Bank Card Services Credit Card and the Prosperity Credit Card.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar again discussed the need for replacing 12 chairs in the small courtroom. Clerk of the District Court Nancy Koch joined the meeting to discuss the chairs. She was given directive to bring back estimates for 12 chairs to replace the chairs in the small courtroom. The County will purchase the chairs and the Law Library Fund will reimburse half the cost of the chairs.

Marshall County Extension Agents Susie Latta and Anastasia Johnson met with the Board to present their 2020 Budget request along with the Extension Board Members. The members of the Board present were Zach Schotte, Karen Rengstorf, Tracy Vering, Rachel Stowell, Amanda Svoboda and Sue Rowland. Also present was Chris Onstad with K-State Research and Extension. The Budget request is $177,523.00 which is an increase of $15,638.00 from last year.

The Board met with Nick Stoll of Marysville, KS regarding Neighborhood Revitalization. Mr. Stoll recently had projects removed from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program due to delinquent taxes. Mr. Stoll came to discuss the possibility of re-initiating the Plan for his house at 810 Jackson, Marysville, KS and also inquired as to how this would affect any future projects. He did state that he feels what him and his father are doing by building homes in blighted areas are exactly what the Neighborhood Revitalization Program was designed for. Between he & his father, they have 6 projects either completed or in the process of being completed. The current project at 805 Jackson, Marysville, KS is not completed and the tax rebate will not begin until the 2019 tax year (refund being sent in June of 2020), therefore, it was the consensus of the Board that this Parcel WILL remain in the program. The Board thanked him for coming to visit with them about these concerns. They will likely have further discussion when all members of the Board are present next week. Mr. Stoll will be notified if they reconsider the removal of his parcel.

County Sanitarian Marlene Stamm met with the Board to present her quarterly report. No action is required of the Board.

Marshall County Sheriff Dan Hargrave and Undersheriff Tim Ackerman met with the Board to give an update on the jail project. Jeff Lane from TreanerHL said they should be done with the construction documents by the end of June. Sheriff Hargrave asked the Board for verbal approval to move forward with sending the project out for bids at that time. Once the bids are received back, then the numbers will be finalized and at that time the Board will decide if the Jail Project goes forward from there and will discuss how it is going to be funded.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to approve vouchers as presented and issue manual warrants from the respective funds. Motion passed 2-0.

David E. Baier moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to adjourn the meeting at 11:59 a.m. Motion passed 2-0. The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, June 17, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

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