Tuttle Creek Lake Level Continues To Rise; Nearing 2nd Highest Recorded Level

Manhattan – Water levels at Tuttle Creek Reservoir continue to rise as flooding along the Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas rivers are keeping water releases at a minimum, while heavy rains across southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas continue to funnel into the Big Blue River.

As of 5:00 p.m. Thursday the latest observation at the lake was 1,121.93 feet, or nearly 47 feet above normal pool level. The lake passed the third highest recorded level in April of 1,112.30 feet, which was set on June 26th, 1984. The second highest level is at 1,127.9 feet on October 18th, 1973. The lake is currently 5.97 feet away from the second highest level recorded. The record high level was recorded on July 23rd, 1993 at 1,137.76 feet.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported that the Big Blue River is flowing into Tuttle Creek Lake at 24,000 cubic feet per second, with only 200 cubic feet per second being released.

However, as the lake continues to rise the area the lake inundates with water also increases. This requires more water to enter the reservoir for it to rise in elevation. Currently the reservoir is holding just over half of its capacity.