USD 108 School Board Meets; Considers 8-Man Football

Resignation of Washington County grades 4-12 Principal Carol Whisman was accepted by the school board at their recent meeting. The board agreed to begin a search for a K-6 principal/elementary counselor, and a grade 7-12 principal/curriculum coordinator.

Concerns with adding, and funding an additional position were discussed, particularly in light of steady or declining enrollment numbers. Retirement resignation of music teacher Gay Lynn Manning was also accepted.

In addition, at the recent USD 108 school board meeting, a handout was distributed by Athletic Director Scott Romeiser outlining potential consideration of Washington County moving to an eight-man football program. The possibility is in response to an expected turnout of just 17 players in 2017, and 18 in 2018. After that, participation numbers strike upward again.

A request for the change could be made for a two-year cycle.