2017 4-H District Club Day Results For Washington County 4-Hers

Members from the River Valley Extension District 4-H Clubs attended District 4-H Club held Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Clay Center Community Middle School in Clay Center.

The following results are for Washington County 4-H Clubs (Busy Bee –BB; Farmington – F; Hanover – H; Happy Spirit – HS; Happy Workers – HW; Linn Livewires – LLW; Lucky Four – L4; Mahaska Merrymakers – MMM; Stick-To-It – STI;)

Model Meetings:  

Top Purple: Farmington 4-H Club; Lucky Four 4-H Club

Jr. Gavel Games:

Top Purple: Happy Workers

Sr. Talent:

Top Purple: Happy Spirit

Jr. Talent:

Top Purple: Jordi Fahey-L4

Vocal Chorus/Ensemble:

Top Purple: Linn Livewires; Stick To It; Kady Toole and Abi Sawin-BB

Blue: Hanover

Sr. Vocal Solo:

Top Purple: Carter Bruna-H

Jr. Vocal Solo:

Top Purple: Adria Heuer-HW; Gracie Bruna-H

1st Alt. Top Purple: Kyana Ulloa-HS

Blue: Ava Sedlacek-HS; Kileab Willbrant-BB; Reanna Rencin-HS

Spontaneous Speaking:

Top Purple: Lauren Simmons-HS

Blue: Kevin Diederich-HS; Tyler Simmons-HS

Show & Share:

Participation: Gatlin Willbrant-BB; Autumn L’Ecuyer-BB; Drew Bruna-H

Sr. Dance:

Top Purple: Elaina/Hope White-H; Busy Bee; Carly Crome & Riley Moore-BB/STI; Coy Stamm, Aliyah/Cloe Sinn, Nathaniel Tice-F/H/STI

Jr. Dance:

Top Purple: Drew/Gracie Bruna-H

Sr. Readings (Poetry/Prose/Solo Acting):

Top Purple: Carly Kolle-LLW; Mandy Simmons-HS

Blue: Drew Buhrman-HS

Red: Zach Meyer-HW; Trevor Klipp-HW; Taylor Klipp-HW; Jacob Klipp-HW

Jr. Readings (Poetry/Prose/Solo Acting):

Top Purple: Ila Woermanbjork-HS; Max Dragastin-H

Blue: Amber Kolle-LLW; Carissa Kolle-LLW; Olivia L’Ecuyer-BB; Autumn L’Ecuyer-BB; Reanna Rencin-HS

Red: Bryant Hynek-HS; Brett Buhrman-HS; Dawson Strunk-STI; Ila Woermanbjork-HS

Public Speaking:

Blue: Shai Zenger-STI; Lauren Simmons-HS; Eric Peterson-L4

Jr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks:

Top Purple: Addison Herrs-LLW

2nd Alt. Top Purple: Olivia L’Ecuyer-BB; Bryce Wittgartner-F

Blue: Ila Woermanbjork-HS

Red: Jerret Hynek-HS

Sr. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks:

Top Purple: Kael Lange-L4

2nd Alt. Top Purple: Natalie Harlan & Mandy Simmons-HS

Sr. Instrumental/Ensembles:

Top Purple: Mia Cardenas-BB

Jr. Instrumental:

Top Purple: Kady Toole-BB

Blue: Olivia L’Ecuyer-BB

Red: Reanna Rencin-HS

Sr. Piano Solos:

Blue: Laura Skupa-STI

Red: Haley Uffman-LLW

Jr. Piano Solos:

Blue: Grace Baxter-STI; Joree Bentz-F; Elise Uffman-LLW; Octavien Cardenas-BB; Drew Bruna-H; Gracie Bruna-H; Max Dragastin-H Shelby Cole-H

Project Talks:

Top Purple: Reanna Rencin-HS; Kady Toole-BB

Blue: Bryan Baxter-STI

Eligible Top Purple placings may participate in the Regional 4-H Club Day to be held March 25, 2017 at the Clay Center Community High School, 1630 9th St, Clay Center.