Classic Country 1570 AM/94.1 FM KNDY On-Air Personalities

In July 1956 Marshall Transmitter, Inc. signed radio station KNDY on the air, at 1570 kHz bringing local radio service to Marshall County for the first time. The station was sold to Wyman & Willa Schnepp in 1960 and again to Rainbow Broadcasters, Inc. in 1964. In 1969, following the moon landings by NASA, the station was sold to Apollo Broadcasting, Inc. and started playing traditional country and western music in the early 1970’s. Many of the songs we played back then as new hits, we play today at country legends.

Apollo Broadcasting, under the leadership of Herb and Ruby Hoeflicker, operated the stations until 1988, when Marysville native and KNDY employee Bruce Dierking purchased the station. Dierking Communications, Inc. continues to operate the station along with KNDY-FM, KDNS-FM, KZDY-FM, and KQNK AM & FM.

Today, 1570 KNDY-AM is simulcast on 94.1 mHz bringing traditional classic country music to both AM and FM radio listeners in Marshall County and across Northeast Kansas & Southeast Nebraska. The station is home to Marysville high school football and basketball, as well as Kansas State University football and men’s basketball.


  • Alabama
  • Willie Nelson
  • George Strait
  • Hank Williams Jr.
  • Conway Twitty
  • Barbara Mandress
  • Merle Haggard
  • Don Williams
  • Ronnie Milsap
  • George Jones
  • Johnny Cash
  • The Judds
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Reba McEntire


Rick Morgan

Mornings 5a-9a

MORGAN IN THE MORNING has always been a morning person so this job is perfect for him. In fact, he credits it with keeping his marriage together for 26 years. His wife says if he was at the breakfast table everyday she’d been out of there long ago. His daughters will second that. The boy does like to talk! He started waking people up on the radio years ago when he realized that he didn’t have to sweat. And now ‘Morgan in the Morning’ enjoys misbehaving with his listeners on a daily basis. “The free coffee and internet ain’t bad either," he says.

Bruce Dierking

General Manager // KNDY News at 7 AM

Bio Coming Soon

Max Blaske

The Partyline 9:40a-10a

Bio Coming Soon

Ashley Blake

Middays 9a-2p

Country music runs deep in my roots. As a young girl, my parents would listen to vinyl records of George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Bill Anderson and others on our turntable. In 1989, I waltzed into a radio and said, “I want to be on the air.” I was told to show up at midnight on Saturday and the rest is history. Lite Rock is where I started. However, when I got my first taste of being on a country station. It was like Strawberry Wine. I never looked back. Country music has taken me down the back roads of Illinois. I stayed in the Midwest, until all four of my daughters had attended K-12 at the same school. One by one, they moved to Texas. When the last one graduated in 2020, I followed her to Fort Worth. I have been doing what I love for more than 30 years, and I’m blessed to spend my days with you!

Mike Sheffield

Afternoons 2p-7p

Hi, I'm Mike Sheffield and I think it’s pretty awesome I get to spend some time with you on the radio. At home lots and lots of grilling takes place. Like this radio thing. Grilling is another one of my passions. “Grilling brings out the natural flavors of food. Meats and veggies including fruit. There's something about that char. I love it all!” I try to keep in shape by training in many forms of Martial Arts. “Keeps you balanced and Prepared”. “Training is intense. Tossing log skidder tires, climbing rope, and standing walls, shimmying across a rope over ponds to weapons training”. “It’s important to merge Mind, Body and Soul, and this for me is how I do that”. It’s not about getting big muscles. It’s about harmony. Yeah, I trainer is a Navy Seal. So, yeah... intense.

Cactus Dave

Evenings 7p-Midnight

When I was about 5 years old, I thought the radio was about the coolest thing as a kid. I would often sit in the back seat of my parent’s car and pretend to be the DJ. And that’s how it all began. Fast forward to my teens and I had my first show on the local TV cable channel that aired text messages on screen back in the day. There I was playing big band music. I had no knowledge of that genre, but I didn’t care. I was nervous but having a blast! While in college I interned at 3 different stations in Philadelphia and had my first professional job in 1986. I grew up in Gloucester City, NJ. I’m the oldest of 5 siblings. I’m an amateur bodybuilder and love everything about training in the gym and attending fitness expos.

Kevin Freeman

Overnights Midnight-5a

I caught the radio bug at a young age. As a kid he would lay in bed at night listening to stations from Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville, and Pittsburgh. Then as a teenager, he got to work at his high school radio station. FYI, I’m slightly taller than Kenny Chesney and about a foot shorter than Trace Adkins. In 1984 I married my high school sweetheart. I have 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, and 5 grandchildren. When I'm not on the air playing my favorite music (country) or hanging out with my family, I enjoy working outside. I love getting on my tractor and mowing. It is like therapy to me! I am also actively involved in my church and serve on the board of an inner-city community center.


Rob Lee

Weekends & Fill In

I grew up listening to WLS in Chicago and knew from a young age I wanted to be on the radio. I took a detour when I joined the Army and served in the 1st Infantry Division and after basic training and AIT, I spent my entire tour overseas. Contrary to what you may hear, I did not drive a tank for the Salvation Army. I love country music; it has been my life for the past fifteen years. On my IPAD, I listen to Led Zeppelin, Waylon, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Deep Purple, Donna Summer, The Who, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, and K C and the Sunshine Band. Don't hate me because I love Disco music! Movies I have on my IPAD include Die Hard, Independence Day, Die Harder, The Big Red One (imagine that), Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Avengers, A good Day to Die Hard.... well... you get the idea.

Mike Tyler

Weekends & Fill In

A little about me… I’ve been doing this radio thing now for over 30 years (even though I don’t sound a day over 26 on the radio) lol! This career has taken me from town to town up and down dial. I’ve been married to my wife Cory for over two decades we have a son named Duran. Besides all this radio fun, I’m a former Police Officer, and at one time a Professional Wrestler (wife wasn’t fond of that), Boom!!! Mic Drop! All right enough said thanks for checking in have yourself a great day and remember to keep on smiling… it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!


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