Smith County Addresses Year End Business

The Smith County Commissioners met in regular session on December 27, 2016 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Dale Pickel, Denise Sasse and Roger Allen. Also present was Mandy Stock, Deputy Clerk; Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor; and Arthur Befort.

Commissioners approved the agenda for the December 27, 2016 meeting.

Commissioners approved the minutes from the December 19, 2016 meeting.

The chairman reviewed and signed the Treasurer’s daily balance sheet envelopes. The clerk attested his signature.

Commissioners reviewed and discussed the applications for the courthouse custodial position.

Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor, discussed the following:

Fritz reported work on O Road should be completed today. Fritz also reported the new CAT blades should arrive tomorrow and provided updates on machinery repairs. Fritz reported he purchased liquid ice melt for the courthouse sidewalks. Commissioners thanked Fritz for the work the bridge crew has been doing maintaining the courthouse grounds. Commissioners asked about the scheduled work on bridge #241in Lincoln Township. Fritz reported the work is approved to begin in 2018.

Fritz left the meeting.

David Tucker, Landfill Supervisor, joined the meeting. Tucker reported on a meeting he attended regarding an E-Waste Recycling Program to be based in Mitchell County. Tucker also reported the Landfill had a bi-annual inspection in November, and the status was found to be satisfactory. Tucker reported that Phillips County has picked up three of the recycle trailers so far.

Tucker left the meeting.

Commissioners reviewed applications for Solid Waste abatements. Commissioners requested Kathy Hansen, County Appraiser, join the meeting. Hansen discussed the condition of several of the properties in question. Hansen left the meeting.

Commissioner reviewed and signed the Thomson Reuters maintenance contract for a new AS400.

J.R. Rice joined the meeting.

Commissioners discussed appointing an Oak Township Treasurer. Commissioners asked Stock to contact the write-in candidates from the November 8, 2016 election.

Sasse made a motion and Pickel seconded to re-appoint Judge Michael Kirchhoff to the NWKCCC Board.

Rice discussed several quotes for a new computer for mapping, due to the failing of his current computer. Commissioners made a recommendation for a purchase and Rice agreed. Commissioners authorized the purchase of the new laptop. Rice thanked the commissioners and left the meeting.

Commissioners approved Resolution #16-19 & 16-20 to transfers funds recommended by Adams, Brown, Beran, and Ball.

Commissioners discussed an invoice submitted previously.

Commissioners again reviewed the job applications and decided to interview three candidates.

Commissioners discussed the financing and the planning of the hospital building project.

As there was no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.