Marshall County Commission Meeting Minutes – 3/30/2020

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The Board of Marshall County Commissioners met in regular session with Barbara Kickhaefer, chairman, Keith Bramhall member, Tom Holle member and County Clerk Sandra Wilson. The meeting is being streamed live on the Marshall County Clerk and Election Office & Sandra Wilson Facebook pages (due to technical difficulties).

The Board of Commissioners called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting with the flag salute.

Commissioner Kickhaefer reported that she sat in on a Zoom call on Friday to learn about the Families First Act which is an extension to Family Medical Leave Act. Saturday, Commissioner Kickhaefer along with Emergency Management Director Bill Schwindamann Jr., County Health Nurse Sue Rhodes and County Counselor Jason Brinegar sat in on a Webinar after Governor Kelly’s Stay at Home order. County Health Official Dr. John Ryan was consulted via telephone and felt that the Resolution put in place by the Board of County Commissioners last Thursday was already addressing these issues and no need to do anything more at this time. The list of exemptions from the order can be found at

County Clerk Sandra Wilson asked the Board if they had considered letting the offices rotate employees. There are several counties who are rotating staff to prevent everyone in the office from being exposed or getting sick at the same time. Some counties are reporting that key personnel are working from home and non-key personnel have been sent home with pay. Commissioners Holle and Kickhaefer do not feel that we are to that point yet. Commissioner Kickhaefer is concerned that if we send employees home that they will not stay home and felt better at least knowing they were at work all day. Commissioner Bramhall thought rotating could be a possibility.

Alex Shultz of Marysville, owner of Astro 3 was in contact with Commissioner Kickhaefer again this weekend in regards to the Resolution passed by Commissioners last week. He does not see in the Resolution where it specifically says movie theaters. The Board will ask County Counselor Jason Brinegar when he calls in later in the meeting.

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig met with the Board.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by Tom Holle to pay the following purchase orders. Unanimous.

M & R Auto Parts, Inc., Frankfort, KS
For New Driveshaft (#597W), governor & misc (#605F)
$1,558.62-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #109051

Kruse Dozer Service, LLC, Frankfort, KS
For Machine hire at Bridge sites
$4,125.00-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #109049

Welborn Sales, Salina, KS
For 7 ft grader blades & 8 ft grader blades
$13,486.20-Road & Bridge Fund-P.O. #109050

Public Works Administrator Mike Craig said that as long as the weather stays dry, there will be plenty of work to do. He was concerned about what happens if it does rain and they can’t leave the shop. He asked the Board if they were considering sending anyone home and if they were, would they be paid. The Board replied that they are not ready to start rotating workers at this time and to just try to maintain the social distancing if the situation arises.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar phoned into the meeting. Commissioner Kickhaefer told Mr. Brinegar of her conversation with Alex Shultz and asked his advice. He stated that our Resolution did cover that but the Governor’s Stay at Home Order takes precedent over the County Resolution. Any business who questions whether they are affected by the Governor’s order can go to If their type of business is listed then they are exempt, if it is not listed then they are not exempt. The County Resolution had no ending date. County Counselor Jason Brinegar said that if the County Resolution out lasts the State of Kansas Order which ends on April 19th, 2020 then the Board could reconsider.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar reported that the 6 months will be up soon on the properties the County acquired from the tax sale. Sealed bids will be accepted for these properties. The notice will be published in the papers tentatively April 16th, 23rd & 30th and the sealed bids will be due to the Clerk’s office by May 11th. Mr. Brinegar will keep the Board updated on this process.

County Counselor Jason Brinegar received notice that KCAMP has requested using Marshall County as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Sonya Stohs. The County will be named as a plaintiff, no appearances or documentation will be necessary from the County.

Register of Deeds Martha Roesch met with the Board to discuss copying index pages. Since the courthouse has been closed to the public, she has had many requests for copies of index pages as title searches and real estate closing are continuing. She has never made copies of the index pages before. The public has always been able to access the index pages by coming into the office. She was asking the Board if it was appropriate to charge $2.50/page for copying and emailing the pages. The Board suggested trying to take a picture on phone and emailing or texting to see if that would work, if not, they said it is up to her what she charges but felt that $2.50/page was appropriate.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane met with the Board. She reported that meal numbers are up at all sites. She has started handing out menus for the following week with the meals. Ashley said there will be a grant for Meals on Wheels available in the near future, she will apply for this when it is available. This will help to assist with the costs. Health & Human Resources will be paying out $250 million in grants. The amount of money received will be determined by the quarterly meal numbers turned in. Hiawatha office will receive the Federal dollars and will disburse it respectively.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane said the USDA is providing a Disaster Health Distribution. This is similar to the commodities program, however, there is no restrictions on qualifying. She is hoping to do these distributions April, May & June.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane stated that she has reconsidered and WILL do the Harvester Food Distribution on April 17th. These distributions are for people who are already qualified and do have income guidelines and must be over the age of 60.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane told the Board that she is participating in the Together is Better campaign organized by Idntiteez. The t-shirt designed is for transportation. The campaign is providing local business to design a t-shirt that will be sold for $20 each and $10 of this goes directly to the small business.

Agency on Aging Director Ashley Lyhane reported that Wal-Mart is opening their doors at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings for our senior citizens to gather their essential items and fill prescriptions. Mrs. Lyhane was asking the Board if she could extend her transportation hours on Tuesdays to accommodate this service.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to open transportation for senior citizens on Tuesday mornings available starting at 6:00 a.m. Unanimous.

Undersheriff Tim Ackerman met with the Board to discuss the new drug dog he wishes to purchase. The purchase price of the dog which is $10,500 includes 3 weeks of training (which will be done at a later date) and will be both drug and patrol certified. The dog is a 10 month old Malinois Belgian Shepherd named Krai.

Barbara Kickhaefer moved, seconded by Tom Holle to approve the following purchase order for the trained K-9. Unanimous.

Code 2 K-9 Services LLC, Omaha, NE
For Trained K-9 “Krai”
$10,500.00-Sheriff’s Reserve Fund-P.O. #6202

Tom Holle moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to go into executive session at 10:35 a.m. for 15 minutes with Undersheriff Tim Ackerman to engage in preliminary discussions relating to the acquisition of real property. Unanimous.

Tom Holle moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to extend executive session for an additional 5 minutes at 10:50 a.m with the same persons present and for the same reason. Unanimous.

No action was taken as a result of the above executive sessions.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by Tom Holle to approve the minutes of the 3/23/20 meeting as presented. Unanimous.

Keith Bramhall moved, seconded by Tom Holle to approve the following purchase orders. Unanimous.

Veterinary Health Center, KSU, Manhattan, KS
For “Ex” medical bills
$5,470.24-General (Sheriff) Fund-P.O. #6066

Jan Resources, LLC, Justin, TX
For (4) BacStop 3A – 55 gallon drums Hand Sanitizer
$6.495.00-Courthouse General Fund-P.O. #6211

Reeder & Boeh, Chartered, Troy, KS
For Contract Attorney Fees February & March
$5,600.00-District Court Fund-P.O. #6130

KnowInk, St. Louis, MO
For Poll Pad Annual Maintenance Fee
$1,200.00-Election Fund-P.O. #6199

DataWorks, Greenville, SC
For Dell T3630 & maintenance warranty
$1,920.00-General (Sheriff) Fund-#6203

Schroller Collision Center, Marysville, KS
For 2018 Dodge Caravan Fix – #29
$2,107.20-Agency on Aging Fund-P.O. #6022

Tom Holle moved, seconded by Barbara Kickhaefer to go into executive session at 11:25 a.m. for 15 minutes to discuss nonelected personnel with the Board present. Unanimous.

No action was taken as a result of the above executive session.

Tom Holle moved, seconded by Keith Bramhall to adjourn the meeting at 11:45 a.m. Unanimous. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held Monday, April 6, 2020 beginning at 8:30 a.m. and will again be streamed lived via the Marshall County Clerk & Elections Office Facebook page.

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