Washington County Commission Meeting Minutes – Feb. 21, 2017

The Board of Washington County Commission met in regular session on Tuesday February 21, 2017 in the commission room at the Washington County Courthouse. Members present: Tim Mueller, 1st District Commissioner, David Willbrant 2nd District Commissioner, Gary Ouellette 3rd District Commissioner, and Diana Svanda, County Clerk to record minutes. Elizabeth Hiltgen, County Attorney joined later.

Consent Agenda Items:
Barnes Twp. Annual Report
Minutes from January 3, 2017 / February 6, 2017
County Attorney Inventory
New Hire status reporting
City of Washington’s one time waiver for utility bills in the amount of 334.53
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Proclamation

Unfinished Business
Citizen Contact
David Willbrant made motion to approve the consent agenda Gary Ouellette seconded to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

Gloria Moore, Tourism Director – presented travel request

Gary Ouellette reported that he and Gene Herrs had look at some County roads.

Tim Mueller reported that he had attended a Landfill meeting regarding the possibility of purchasing land.

David Willbrant reported that he had went and viewed the Airport and was concerned about drainage at the South end of the runway.

David Willbrant requested that the February 13 minutes to be amended to reflect that, The County is responsible for regulatory signs on Township Roads.

David Willbrant reported that he had talked to Adam Grover about Township Bonds & Oath.

Justin Novak, Public Works Administrator – Reported on department matters
There was a re-bid for propane there was one bid received from Sapp Brothers 4,500 Gallons at $.99 David Willbrant made the motion to accept the bid and Gary Ouellette seconded to accept the bid. Motion carried.
Tim Mueller reported that Kevin Holsch had contacted him about using the ditch at the airport, and that he referred him to Novak.
Justin reported that he contacted Kenny Nelson, Soil Conversation regarding erosion at the airport.
Justin also reported they cleaned up 174 Tons of Metal at Public Works, and also ask for permission to purchase 2 scrap metal containers. No decision was made regarding the scrap metal containers.
Gary Ouellette requested that Justin call Gene Herrs regarding concerns about County Roads.

Tiffany Hayman, County Health Director – Reported that all Grant Applications have been completed and other department matters.

Diana Svanda, County Clerk informed the Board that Washington County will be hosting a County Clerk’s Meeting on March 16, and asked for permission to purchase rolls for the registration. Permission was given.

Sonya Hiltgen, Register of Deeds, Reported various department matters and also relayed concerns regarding the time clock. After further discussion, The Board decided to discontinue use of the Excutime time clock program at this time.

Duane Bruna, Environmental Science Director, – Reported on 2 different proposals to purchase land for Solid Waste.

Gary Ouellette made the motion to adjourn at 11:45 AM David Willbrant 2nd the motion, motion carried.

Next regular meeting is February 27, 2017