Downs City Council – December 3, 2018

Regular meeting of the mayor and council was held December 3, 2018, 5:30 p.m., at city hall.  Mayor John Bisnette presided. Council members present: Jane VanDonge, Evan Joy, Charlie Stevens, Tonya Kuhn.  Council member Devin Renken was absent. Others in attendance: Danny Miner, Jason Toombs, Bruce Berkley, Vickie Oviatt, LaRhea Cole, Josh Hofflinger, Ron Duran.

Mayor Bisnette called the meeting to order and led in the flag salute.

Tonya moved, seconded by Jane, to approve the minutes of the November 19, 2018 meeting.  Carried.

Deputy Danny Miner presented the law enforcement report of activity for the period of 11/1/2018 through 12/1/2018.

Rev. Jason Toombs, Downs Ministerial Association, was present to let the council know of their proposal to sponsor a community picnic at the roadside park, May 5, 2019.  They welcome additional sponsors. Council agreed to approve the use of the park and fields; and also donate on hand cases of bottled water for the event.

Ron Duran, Animal Control, presented his report of activity for the month.

Josh Hofflinger, City Superintendent, reported on the amount of fluoride added to city water. Well #7 has been repaired.  He presented pricing for “no parking” signs and posts. Josh will travel to Emporia on December 12th and 13th for water certification testing.  Kent is trimming trees at the cemetery.

Josh had visited with Gary Rannebeck concerning the septic system to be installed.  Materials will be $1,862.95 from Municipal Supply.

Charlie reported that he had checked on the sign at the clinic.  Brady Schoen could replace it for $160.00. Evan moved, seconded by Jane, to purchase a sign from Brady Schoen for the clinic at $160.00.  Carried.

Jane moved to approve city licenses #19-17 through $19-23.  Evan seconded. Carried.

Jane moved, seconded by Charlie, to approve CMB licenses #19-02 through #19-05.  Carried.

Charlie asked about adding a question on the ballot concerning fluoridation.  Bruce will check on a time limit.

Evan asked Bruce to get a price to survey the land for the road extension, so council can move forward.

Vouchers were reviewed and signed.  Jane left the meeting. Evan moved, seconded by Tonya, to approve the vouchers and payrolls.  Carried.

At 6:05 p.m., Tonya moved to adjourn the meeting.  Evan seconded. Carried. Meeting adjourned.