Local Business Owner Wins “We Kan” Award


By Jason Broadfoot

Karla Fleming of Mankato and owner and operator of the Sweden Creme restaurant in Mankanto was a recent recipient of a “WE KAN” Changing the Tide Award.

The Kansas Sampler Foundation gives out these awards and their mission is to preserve and sustain rural culture by educations Kansans about Kansas by networking and supporting rural communities. We are inspired by every town in Kansas that has shown the will and spirit to help itself.

Karla states that the award was a surprise to her as it wasn’t anything she or anyone had applied to or been nominated for as there is no process like that for this award. Karla goes on to say that the Kansas Sampler Foundation arranged to have some friends and family there for the surprise award presentation. Karla would go on to thank her fellow employees and members of the community for their support in keeping their businesses in Mankato.

The Kansas Sampler Foundation awards ten “We Kan” awards every year. There is no application process and the foundation chooses who have a cooperative spirit, show enthusiasm and dedication to the community, and whose efforts have made a real difference to rural Kansas.