Tennis Court Discussion Tops Marysville City Council Meeting Monday – 2/28/2022


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Marysville City Council Monday unanimously agreed in principle to work with USD 364 Marysville schools on a joint plan to move forward with an effort to rebuild the current six tennis courts in the city park, with an eye on adding two additional courts for competition.

The proposal first came up at the previous council meeting, when Marysville schools brought forward an offer from Chad and Joy Kramer to fund half the construction costs involved in development of updated facilities, asking the city to fund the balance, at some $225,000. The matter was referred to an ad hoc, Parks and Rec Committee who presented a revised offer from the Kramer’s, whereby the district would enter a dollar per year lease agreement for a series of five-year terms for the land, with the Kramer’s furthering their offer pledging an estimated $350,000, with the remaining $100,000 contribution from the city for the initial six court renovation.

USD 364 and the Kramer’s would jointly assume $10,000 per year maintenance costs. In return, the City of Marysville would assume costs of moving the steam engine, depot, school, and sod house in the northeast corner of the city park to allow two new tennis courts, with fundraising efforts to assist with construction costs. A back-and-forth dialogue as to the costs involved with moving the steam engine, estimated at upwards of $100,000 followed, and alternate locations including the Lakeview Sports Complex were again mentioned. After some discussion, consensus appeared leaning toward an option of looking at a vacant city lot, and garage behind the district office across Walnut Street north of the tennis courts as an alternate site for the additional two courts, which would allow leaving the steam engine and buildings in place.

Chad Kramer addressed the council saying that he understood the practicality of six courts, but also saw the dream of 8. The parties mutually agreed to move forward in principle on the agreement, and construction will likely begin after boys’ tennis this spring, with a goal of completing the six courts by fall, and a city commitment in good faith to add two new courts in a year or two.

Needed updates at the Lakeview Sports Complex, and Feldhausen Field were discussed briefly. New lights have been installed, and a replacement fence at Feldhausen field are being completed, and the mayor noted deterioration of some older bleachers.

Earlier in the meeting, council approved $160,000 toward a milling, patch, and overlay project of north 11th road from U.S. Highway 36 to north street, and an additional $17,000 bid to complete line and lane surface painting. Continuation of the ADA ramp projects was approved for 2022, with 6 intersections on Alston, from 2nd to 8th streets the focus this year.


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