Marysville City Council Holds Special Meeting Thursday Regarding Police Chief Position


Marysville City Council held a special meeting Thursday evening to consider the replacement process for fired Police Chief Todd Ackerman. Agenda items listed included advertising for and accepting resumes for a police chief. The matter of Ackerman’s dismissal again raised public outrage at Monday’s meeting, as dozens of residents attended, many speaking on Ackerman’s behalf, and demanding that the city explain a reason for his dismissal.

Council and officials remain silent as to why the action was taken and met with city contracted legal counsel in a pair of executive sessions toward the end of Monday’s meeting. Councilman Todd Frye pushed for a conversation with Ackerman but did not make a motion toward such an effort. The matter remains a contentious topic in the community, and this week has reportedly drawn write in candidates filing for mayor and some council positions.

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