Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 6/28/2021

Marysville City Council met Monday.

Marshall County Partnership for Growth Director Ellen Barber presented an Update on Cost Share Programs, including an Impact Study on the 17th Street Extension in the Current Industrial Park, and showed the tax returns, and increased valuations since it was developed. Council appeared reluctant to address her request to sign off on a grant application for a street extension to another industrial park, which is proposed north of Subway and Kan Equip. She spoke of a potential business that has indicated interest in locating, if incentives were available. Barber went on asking council to consider options for Downtown Empty Space when buildings are removed, and she offered to explore options for incentivizing renovation of Downtown Housing, particularly in second floor applications to existing buildings.

Planning and Zoning Committee met June 10, at the Council request to consider a recommendation regarding placement of intermodal storage containers within city limits. It was reported, that after much discussion, they suggested that the current moratorium remain in place, and not allow placement of any additional containers within city limits. Primary concerns were that they do not fit appropriately in residential settings. Areas zoned commercial, but adjacent to residences could also be a distraction. Multiple “what ifs” were presented by Council during discussion, with points that if well maintained, they may serve a purpose. The prospect of utilizing them as housing construction was also considered. No action was taken with consensus to further review options regarding regulation, and return to the matter at a later date. Approval was given for economic assistance to Phil Cohorst for removal of a house at 305 N 2nd Street, which is beyond repair.

A representative from BG Consultants continued a presentation on options for extending the city lagoon system, which is targeted by Kansas Department of Health and Environment for improvements by late 2023. Usage rates, future options, and expansion possibilities were addressed. Variable costs were a concern expressed by Terry Hughes, with recent substantial raises in material, and construction costs. Preliminary costs provided were estimates based on multiple year averages. Final costs would not be determined until further into the process. A reference to some $4 to $4.5 million total project cost was mentioned. Potential impact on city budget, and user fees were covered briefly, as well as funding options. $600,000 in CDBG grant funding is a possibility, as well as low cost loan/grant programs that may also fund up to $1 million, if approved.

City Administrator presented bids for demolition of multiple properties owned by the City, including 4 business buildings in the 600 block of Broadway, as well as 2 houses near the City Shop. Inline Construction was low bid at $74,500, and Kruse Dozer Service was low bid on nuisance properties at 205 N 10th, and 1205 Carolina at $38,000. Approval was given for the first set of bids on the downtown buildings, which the City currently owns, with council consensus to reconsider the options on demolishing the nuisance properties, which the City does not own. Concern was spending additional tax payer dollars, that may not be recovered.

A part time Service Aide for the Police Department was presented, on an as needed basis, to allow full time officers additional flexibility. Reserve officer support has been cut recently, due to regulation changes. A suggested pay range was $15.22 per hour, which is less than full time officer wages. To be considered part time, the post would work less than 1000 hours annually. Approval was given on a 7-1 vote, with Terry Hughes voting no.

A budget workshop is planned June 30, at 6 pm. Council member Diane Schroller asked about a program to require rental property inspections. Review of the minimum housing code was suggested by the City Attorney. The matter was referred to an ad hoc three member council committee established to look at options. Discharge hours for fireworks were extended from 10 pm until midnight for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights July 2-4. That passed on a 6-2 vote. Bobbi Pippia was approved for appointment to the tree board.

A 4-4 tie vote on a resolution was passed with the mayor voting in favor of a draft by the City Attorney correcting technical errors in a previous ordinance adopted, relating to the appointment of City officers by the mayor, and providing for a procedure of appointing and considering mayoral appointments.

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