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Marysville City Council Meeting Highlights – 12/28/2020

Marysville City Council met Monday and approved a six-year agreement with USD 364 for use of city sports facilities. Discussion regarding hangar leases due for renewal at the Marysville Airport brought forward comments about potential improvements, and best use of the buildings. Some are used for general storage, and consensus was that they should be reserved first for airplane storage. Possibility of replacing or upgrading some buildings was mentioned but has not been an airport priority. It was approved to send the matter to the Airport Committee for consideration.

No one had comments during a public hearing on a budget amendment that involved transferring funds to accommodate early payoff of the swimming pool bonds. Council discussed continued concerns on south 11th and 12th roads, and the need for progress on repairs or upgrades. It was reported that an update from engineers exploring improvements should be coming soon.

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