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Monday, January 24, 2022

Marysville City Council Passes Mask Mandate At Special Meeting Friday

The Marysville City Council at a special meeting Friday evening passed a mask mandate that will require masks in businesses, and indoor settings. If social distancing can be accomplished outdoors, masks are optional.

Mayor Jason Barnes, who initially presented the proposal at the regular meeting said that he was trying to find the middle ground and did not want to reach a point where businesses are forced to close. Comment was made that the community has to use a lot of common sense as we get through this.

Believing that the county commissioners may take up the issue of a mask mandate at their meeting Monday, council consensus was to move forward with this resolution, in order to set the wheels in motion. It will not take effect until after publication, while a county mandate could take effect immediately.

The resolution passed on a 6-1 vote, with Keith Beikman the lone no vote, indicating that he was concerned with many variables that could come into play with a blanket mandate. Individual fines of $20, and business fines of $50 may be enforced, with the ordinance in effect through January 17th.

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