Norton Co Board of Commissioners July 131 2020


Norton Co Board of Commissioners
July 131 2020
Chairman Thomas Brannan called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on July 13, 2020 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Thomas Brannan, Present; Charles Posson, Present; Richard Thompson, Present.

Gene Schemper
Gene Schemper, rural Norton County resident was in to visit with the commission about musk thistle concerns. Gene stated that he has several neighboring properties that have a musk thistle problem and would like to see the county enforce the regulations. The commission stated that they would contact Clarence at the Noxious Weed department to inspect the property and send the landowners a notice of violation and action required..

Waldinger Plumbing
Waldinger Plumbing was in to update the commission on the upcoming weeks construction schedule. Waldinger stated that the boilers will be taken out in the next few days and plumbing supplies should start showing up this week. Waldinger also report that within a few days the restrooms of the first floor will be closed for construction.

Emergency Management
Troy Blevins, Norton County Emergency Management was present to give the commission a review of the SPARKS funding that will be coming to Norton County soon. At this time there is still a lot of information needed from the federal government on the specific rules and regulations. Troy is fielding several questions on what is eligible with the funding that is going to be received. Guidelines are still being waited on at this time. Troy stated that there is a tight time frame for getting everything ready and he is working to make sure the county is ready.

Fair Board
Shana Harting, Norton Fair Board representative was in to give the commission an update on the activities with the fair. Shana stated that several activities have been cancelled or restructured in order to keep the area of the fair grounds safe for the community and individuals attending the fair activities.

Aaron Tilden, Business Development Engineer was in to visit with the commission on the courthouse renovation project. Aaron had several questions and comments on the project and asked if the commission was happy to date with the selection of the firm for the renovation.
Aaron stated that if the county was happy to date then he was content with the commissioners decision. If not, his firm was willing to step in and help with anything they could. The commission stated they are happy at this time with the selection.

Bid Opening -MSW Landfill
Several contractors were present for the bid opening of the MSW pit, Norton County Landfill. Chairman Brannan informed the contractors present that the bids would be opened and the low bid or bid accepted would be approved with the contingency of approval from BG Consultants, Brian Foster the engineer for the project. There were a total of eight (8) bids submitted for the commission to open and review. All bidders had the bid bond and Addendum No.1 included.
Bids ranged from $151,157.40 to $442,690.20. All bids will be submitted to BG Consultants today for review and upon approval of BG the low bidder will be accepted.

Solid Waste
Brian Smith, Norton County Solid Waste discussed with the commission the fall clean up. After discussion a date of October 14th, 15th and 16th was set. The dates will be reviewed and taken to the City by Dean Liddle to see if this time will work for them as well.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 7/20/2020. The commission minutes are not considered official until signed and approved by the commission and will remain a working document until approved,

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