Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 6/22/2020


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Marysville City Council met Monday, June 22.

They approved request from Marysville High School for prom activities July 11, including a prom walk on the 7th Street corridor, scheduled about 7:15 PM.

Economic development request approved for 311 S 7th for demolition incentive.

City Treasurer updated using excess funds toward paying off remaining principal on the pool fund. Bonds are callable in September, and substantial interest could be saved. $3,345,000 plus interest is currently owed. A loan of $770,000 from general funds held, loaned to PBC would fund the balance with current funds in the pool fund. Savings of $739,000 interest is anticipated. Future sales tax proceeds, averaging $40-50,000 monthly would replenish those accounts. The City currently holds $3.7 million in low interest cd’s. Other long-term projects committed were considered but would not likely be affected given the significant idle balances of cash. A resolution to approve this recommendation was passed unanimously.

Allowing an alternate street surface other than concrete for the Hartley Ridge subdivision was presented, using a cold mix chip and seal surface. The option of leaving the street improvements to the developer and making it a private street was brought up by council member Diane Schroller, and council consensus to return that option to the planning commission was approved unanimously.

Volunteer representatives revisited plans for a dog park at 8th and Jackson Streets, adding a truss bridge that is county surplus to the site allowing access. Concerns with bridge integrity, and ongoing maintenance costs were brought forward. Permission to proceed was delayed until after a July budget meeting.

B G Consultants reported on repair options to the sewer lagoons. Maintaining current storage, alternate irrigation, or engineered wetlands were presented. An additional 30+ acres would need to be added to the current 47 acres, at an estimated cost of some $3 million to bring the site up to current standards. Irrigation could run up to $2 million. Final estimates are being drafted, with a goal of meeting a June 30 deadline in order to allow the City opportunity to apply for up to $600,000 in Community Block Development Grant funds. A special council meeting June 29, at 6 was set to finalize a decision.

City administrator presented a plan to design improvements for 11th Road to Keystone, with construction engineering costs of $29,000 approved that would allow developing cost estimates for upgrades. Options would allow completing the work in phases and would include some necessary drainage improvements.

A motion to extend hours at the City brush dump site to Monday – Friday 4-6, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons 1-5 was passed unanimously. It will be closed July 4.

A budget workshop is scheduled July 2 at 6 PM

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