Swimming Pool, Lakeview Sports Complex Discussed During The Marysville City Council Meeting – 6/15/2020


The Marysville City Council met last Monday. An economic development grant of $2,500 was approved for Matt Seagren, for demolition of a blighted former residence at 1205 Alston. Council approved applying for an $8,000 grant that would enroll the police department in a training program for officers. Twelve Kansas agencies are currently enrolled, and the annual cost would be $8,000. It was proposed that seizure monies be used for the initial years cost. The program is a multi-year commitment. Motion passed on a 6-2 vote.

A recommendation was approved setting pool pass prices at $25 for individuals, and $60 for families, since the June 22nd opening will cover about half the swim season. That was approved. Consideration of allowing morning swim was taken up later in the meeting. After a lengthy discussion, that included cleaning and staffing concerns, a 4-4 tie was broken by the mayor voting against the motion. Bobbi Pippia, Parker Price, Colleen Behrens, and Kevin Throm voted in the negative.

Approval was given for the Blue River Rail Trail group to add signage, and minor improvements to the former police department building, which recently served as the Main Street office. They will open the facility for restrooms, and water access for those using the trail.

It was consensus to wait until after the upcoming budget meeting, before proceeding with application for a 50/50 grant that would be used for a $1.43 million improvement project at the Lakeview Sports Complex. This includes some $300,000 in earthwork, that would help with drainage concerns, and expansion of the facility. Concern with the commitment for a new fire station, and another grant being pursued for lagoon repairs, as well as street improvements, among others.

Refinancing bonds which were issued in 2013 for the swimming pool, could save the city some $300,000, with $3.34 million outstanding bonds, on the original $4.28 million remain. Rates ranging from 2.5% – 3.5% could fall to around 2%. Unanimous approval was given to proceed. The city could also consider early payment of some of the bonds at this time, allowing use of existing funds, and reducing future interest costs. No decision on that option was made, pending the upcoming budget meeting.

The city is pursuing another group to take over next year for Marysville Sport and Recreation for operation of the city rec programs. Kevin Throm was elected as Council President.

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