Norton Co Board of Commissioners May 29, 2020


Norton Co Board of Commissioners
May 29, 2020

Chairman Thomas Brannan called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on May 29, 2020 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Thomas Brannan, Present; Charles Posson, Present; Richard Thompson, Present.

CDBG Hearing
Chairman Brannan opened the CDBG hearing at 9:00 am as published. Chairman Brannan stated the County is applying for CDBG-CV funding through the Kansas Department of Commerce. The funds are care funds provided through the coronavirus aid, relief, and economic security (cares) act. The program opened on 5/12/2020 and funds are first come-first service­ State wide.
The goal of the county is to submit the completed application today and the county should know within 15-20 days if succesfull. Businesses must make their application for funding directly with the county.
The meeting was opened to the public for comments. There were none. The hearing was closed.
Resolution 2020-11 was presented to the commission for adoption. Resolution 2020-11 is a Resolution to certify Norton County is a legal governmental entity under the status of the laws of the State of Kansas and thereby ahs the authority to apply for assistance from the Cares Act under the Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block Grant program. A motion was made by Commissioner Posson to adopt Resolution 2020-11 with a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

May 2020 vouchers and payroll
County Commission and County Counselor Sebelius reviewed the May 2020 vouchers and payroll. Upon review the vouchers and payroll were approved as submitted.

Tax Abatement
Two tax abatements were presented to the commission for approval and signature. Tax abatement #2020000039 and #2020000040 were presented for adjustment of 2018 and 2019 property tax. The statements were approved and signed as submitted. Total abatement was

Jeff Wolf, City of Norton
Jeff Wolf, Norton City Code enforcer was in to visit with the commission about the housing demolition program. Several properties were discussed including the home on the schedule to be next. City and County officials have met at the property of the home that is scheduled to discuss the demolition and items that need to be removed before the demo process. Jeff was requesting from the Commission today the acceptance of the application for the home on North Archer as one of the homes for the demo program. Commissioner Thompson made a motion to approve the abatement on 807 N. Archer with a second from Commissioner Posson. Motion passed.

NRP Letters
The commission was presented a list of property owners within the NRP program that will be notified of disqualification. The letters are being sent because of late payment of property tax which is stipulation within the agreement for disqualification. The commission chairman signed the letters.

Vicki Bainter, Treasurer
County Treasurer Vicki Bainter was in to visit with the commission on establishing a policy for tax or penalty reimbursement on dollar amounts of less than five (5) dollars. Several policies/resolutions were presented for consideration. County Counselor R. Douglas Sebelius will prepare the document.

May 18th, Commission Minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Posson to approve the May 18th, 2020 Norton County Commission minutes with a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed.

Amusement Association
Deena Wente, Norton County Amusement Association was in to visit with the commission about the plans for the Norton County fair. Deena stated at this time the Association is planning to hold the fair and activities as normal. Deena stated that her request to the commission was to see if the county could provide some help to set up the rides and assist where needed. The commission stated that they would be happy to help with providing a few county employees as tong as the working schedule allowed at the time.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 6/8/2020. The commission minutes are not considered official until signed and approved by the commission and will remain a working document until approve.

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