Lakeside Elementary Enhanced Spotlight Recognition Award for 2020

“The Kansas State Department of Education, in partnership with and Smoky Hill Education Service Center, is honored to recognize Lakeside Elementary School with an Enhanced Spotlight Recognition for their Morning Meetings, Whole School Wednesday and Three By Thursday initiatives.  Applicants who receive this recognition have successfully implemented an initiative that has strengthened the social, emotional and character development skills in their students and school climate.”

Lakeside Elementary Principal Kayla Hamilton tells KD Country 94  & Z96.3 news, how they found out about the recognition.

Hamilton shares what it means for the school.

Lakeside Elementary has implemented three new initiatives aimed at addressing the social and emotional needs of their students.  One of the initiatives is Morning Meetings from the Responsive Classroom.  Morning Meetings are a structured way for students to interact with one another while engaged in the four components aimed at character and social development: Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity & Morning Message.

The second new initiative is Whole School Wednesday where students are placed into one of 21 school “families” which consists of a staff member and an average of six students ranging from 3 year old Preschool through 5th grade.  Students will remain in their same school family throughout their elementary years.  The focus of Whole School Wednesday is to foster healthy relationships for students and staff.

Last but not least, the third initiative is Three by Thursday where certified staff contact at least three students’ guardians by Thursday to tell them something positive about their student.  This initiative focuses on creating positive relations with parents and students.

Hamilton explains why they began those 3 initiatives at Lakeside.

Congratulations to Lakeside Elementary for their 2020 Spotlight Recognition Award!