Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 4/13/2020

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The Marysville City Council met Monday. Consideration of acquisition of two properties near the city shop were discussed. Terry Hughes had expressed concern that negotiations were held, and contracts with the city were offered, without council input. A series of three executive sessions were held, with approval given to move forward with a $12,000 offer for 307 Broadway on a 5-3 vote, with Hughes, Frye, and Schroller voting no. A motion was then approved unanimously to table consideration for 30 days on another property at 101 S. 4th Street, which was offered at $50,000.

A single bid for continuation of the water line replacement project, including Jenkins and Laramie was not opened, as the engineers estimate of $635,000 was significantly higher than a budget of $330,000. Council did approve a $219,000 lone bid from Bryant and Bryant construction for street repair on Broadway at Seventh Street, that will level the intersection immediately south of the Pony Express Plaza. Kansas Department of Transportation had increased their support level to $180,000, versus an 80% match committed earlier, with the city responsible for $71,000, payable up front.

An extension of the time period for paving streets in the Hartley Ridge subdivision was extended until September. Developers had inquired about using millings, or some surface rather than concrete.

City Administrator Austin St. John reported on the city financial status, indicating that the city is in better shape than many, with the general fund over $1 million, reflecting a $100,000 increase over a year ago. Water fund is down $40,000 year over year, with some $80,000 committed to meter upgrades in March. Sewer fund is $120,000 below a year ago but increased $28,000 in March. Sales tax proceeds were still up as of March.

Gina Graham submitted her resignation as council member, citing the uncertainty of the Covid-19 outbreak, and a need to further assist her children at home.

Marysville city clean up week is next week, and city crews will be picking up limbs and yard waste set curbside by 8:30 a.m., with the city divided by quarters each day. Contact City Hall for details. The city brush dump site will be open all week.

The mayor recognized David Richardson, who has retired as City Inspector. He will continue to serve as Marysville Fire Chief.