Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 3/23/2020


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The Marysville City Council met Monday. A pair of land contracts for expansion of a city shop brought several council member concerns, led by Terry Hughes that the contracts had been negotiated by staff, and were presented without council input. A $50,000 contract for property at 101 S 4th Street, and a $12,000 contract for property at 307 Broadway were presented. Council went into executive session to discuss the matter, and potential alternatives. A motion to proceed with voting on the offers was approved, with the council declining the contracts on a 4-3 vote, with Keith Beikman, Terry Hughes, Todd Frye, and Diane Schroller voting no. A motion to table the matter, and review the contracts and options further was then approved unanimously.

Four bids were received for concrete construction work on Broadway from 14th to 15th, and 14th and 15th from Broadway to Center were received, with the low bid of $171,000 from Inline Construction approved unanimously, to be funded through the sales tax fund. The bid came in below engineers estimates.

An agreement with BG Consultants amounting to $90-100,000, based on a percentage of an approximate $1.2 million bid for design of a new fire station was approved unanimously. Concerns with potential change orders, and cost overruns, as well as the prospect of meeting construction timelines in light of the virus outbreak, in order to qualify for the grant proceeds were mentioned.

The City Administrator advised that swimming pool co-managers have been hired, and interviews are proceeding. The Parks and Rec Committee had met and considered design layout options for the Lakeview Sports Complex, recommending that the green space proposed be located near Hedstrom Hall, retaining the current parking.

Concern with gatherings around play areas at city parks was discussed, in light of the coronavirus outbreak. It was noted that the virus stays alive on hard surfaces for an extended period of time. Limiting access to play areas was determined impractical, but it was suggested that consideration of the concern be brought to the public’s attention.

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