Disk Golf Again Dominates Marysville City Council Meeting Discussion – 2/10/2020

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The Marysville City Council met Monday. The matter of disc golf again consumed a half-hour of discussion, as Kyle Goracke sought input on the city park installation, and inquired as to making it permanent with concrete pads, and signage. He had installed the course last year and is willing to solicit donations for the cost.

Council member Terry Hughes questioned if a trial period for Lakeview had been implemented. Todd Frye spoke in favor of the city park location but emphasized fairness in establishing a trial course for comparison, as was originally passed. Keith Beikman was satisfied with the current installation and questioned carrying the matter forward.

A compromise was suggested, that Goracke promote a one-day tournament involving both courses early this spring and solicit public feedback. That motion was approved on a unanimous vote, tabling a final decision until the end of May.

Unanimous approval was given for funding school loans for Assistant Police Chief Matt Simpson for a 5-year period, at $1,500 annually, through the state Rural Opportunity Zone program.

A charter ordinance was adopted that would change the date for swearing in newly elected city officials to the first meeting in December, rather than January following election.

Options regarding a master plan proposal for Lakeview Sports Complex were considered. Development of additional fields and creating green space for other activities was discussed. Access and parking convenience particularly for older fans was mentioned, as well as perhaps leveling the terrain. Improved drainage would also be a benefit. The options are online on the council agenda tab on the city website.

City is accepting applications for lifeguards at the city pool. Attendance at a training session in Beatrice is required for certification, and participants hired would be reimbursed for registration. Details at Marysville City Hall.

Standing committee appointments, and the mayor’s appointment of Dean Thomas as alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals were approved.

Council went into executive session to consider possible locations identified for a new water shop.