Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – January 27, 2020

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Marshall County Partnership for Growth Director Ellen Barber presented an update at the Marysville City Council meeting Monday. She spoke of several accomplishments with the City of Blue Rapids, including a grocery taking the building where Mustang Motors operated, and locating the car dealership in the former grocery. She also listed several properties qualifying for state Brownfields funding to determine value and identify concerns with a number of vacant properties.

Barber touched on the work in Summerfield with the Transition to Work project for veterans being established in the former school and outlined potential senior housing options being considered in Marysville, as well as development of the business park property north of KanEquip. She offered to assist with any other economic development ideas that the city might have, encouraging consideration of a prorated sales tax for new businesses as an incentive to locate downtown, and reminded that block grants were also available, which the city is currently pursuing for a fire station.

A second wind farm in Marshall County is being planned, and the Grain Belt Express transmission line is looking for an office site, and she suggested Marysville. Partnership for Growth was instrumental in securing some $774,000 in grant funding for the county last year. The city committed raising their annual contribution in support of the group from $1,000 to $2,500.

Council discussed briefly parking at Lakeview Sports Complex, as engineers studying drainage issues were asking for any long-term changes that might be considered. No action was taken.

In other business, the council approved purchase of a new truck, and bed for the Parks Department, funded half by Parks and Rec, and half through municipal equipment reserve. Cost is $28,700, plus $3,000 for a bed. Council member Diane Schroller asked if a used truck was considered, and was told by the City Administrator that factoring a $10,000 municipal discount off list for a new vehicle made it attractive, as well as considering warranty, and work truck specifications that would be hard to find on a trade in.

Keith Beikman made a motion to forgo a trial period for a disc golf course at Lakeview Sports Complex, and make permanent the installation in the City Park. Todd Frye spoke in favor of the City Park layout but cautioned against a blanket motion to make anything permanent yet. A 1-6 vote defeated the motion in favor of continuing with the initial plan established last year by council.