Marysville City Council Moves Forward With Block Grant Application For New Fire Station


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The Marysville City Council met Monday, and formally approved moving forward with application for a Community Development Block Grant, that would fund roughly one third the cost of a new ten bay central fire station, proposed on north 20th street. The step followed months of preparation and surveys, as well as a public presentation and hearing Monday.

No comment was heard from the public, and the grant administrator and bond representative met with council to discuss particulars. If approved, the grant would fund $600,000, the city has $430,000 cash on hand budgeted, and would borrow the remaining $535,000 with a five-year bond issuance, for a package of nearly $1.6 million. Mayor Carla Grund challenged the estimated $94,000 to fund the bond issue, asking for less expensive alternates. None were presented, as the city is bound by state statute cash basis laws, restricting short term borrowing directly from banks, etc. Council member Terry Hughes appeared reluctant and asked if staff had researched other options. The only one was Hanover, whose recently constructed building came in at $538,000 for a 6,000 square foot building, versus Marysville at 9,000 square feet. He was adamant in pressing the architect that costs would not rise further down the line, concerned that a one-million-dollar goal, became $1.2, and is now projected at $1.6 million. Reply was that conservative projections as to cost were used, and it’s hoped that competitive bids may actually come in somewhat lower than estimates. Ultimately the decision to proceed passed unanimously.

A decision to proceed with opening bids for replacement windows at the arts center was tabled, after council member Todd Frye strongly urged consideration of wood replacement, or restoration versus the bids only for vinyl windows. He cited comparable efficiency, and greater longevity with wood construction. Three bids were considered for the next phase of ADA compliant crosswalk ramps at several city intersections were received, with a bid of $46,645 from Inline Construction approved, which came in some $4,000 below estimates.

City Administrator Austin St. John presented options for application for a Kansas Department of Commerce cost share program that could fund improvements on 11th/12th and Keystone roads. Consensus was to move forward with the application. Alternative grant options were also discussed, if this is not accepted. A decision to proceed with water line improvements in northeast Marysville next year was tabled after discussion as to the scope of the project, and the possibility of replacing water meters as part of, or in place of the work was brought up.

The 47th Annual Black Squirrel Night in Marysville will be Thursday, October 24th.

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