Norton Co Board of Commissioners June 27, 2019 Minutes


Norton Co Board of Commissioners
June 27, 2019
Chairman Thomas Brannan called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on June 27, 2019 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Thomas Brannan, Present: Charles Posson, Present: Richard Thompson, Present.

County Health
Leslie Pfannenstiel, Norton County Health was in to visit with the commission on department operations. The first item was an update on a couple grants that were applied for. Leslie stated they applied for a grant through the Community Foundation to purchase a blood machine that would allow the Department to do in house testing. Leslies stated the application was successfull. Leslie also reported that her grant application for the Store Front renewal was successful for 500/o of the cost to replace the signage on the building. Leslie is also going to place an application with Economic Development for the balance of the signage.
Leslie reported that she has been notified by KDHE that there is a shortage of TB vaccine. The KDHE has sent out a set of guidelines for agencies to follow during the shortage period.
Commissioner Posson made a motion to go into executive session at 9:15 am for a period of 5 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel and to include the County Counselor, Leslie Pfannenstiel, County Health and the County Clerk, Robert D. Wyatt. The motion was given a second by Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed. The commission returned to regular session at 9:20 AM with no action taken.

June vouchers and payroll
The commission and county counselor reviewed the June 2019 vouchers and payroll. Upon review the vouchers and payroll were approved as submitted.

Emergency Management
Kathleen Conrad, Norton County Emergency Management was in to speak with the commission several topics. Kat stated the Sebelius Lake is still under a blue-green algie warning.
Discussion was held on the Kansas Meso-net. Kat has been contacted about placing a mesonet in the Norton County area. The requirements would be a land site that would be approximately 30′ x 30′ and allow for a 30′ tower. The mesonet collects a numerous amount of data from the local region.
Kat spoke with the commission about the county Emergency Operation Plan. Norton County plan will be due for an update in a few months. Kat stated that after working on the plan and submitting to the State for approval they have made a decision to regionalize. In this process the county would have the plan update and regionalized with a completion date in 2020.
Discussion was held on completing the Norton County Debris Management Plan. According to Kat the required plan and course instruction is now online and can be done from a local office setting with testing required upon completion. The commission will visit with the landfill employees and determine the best method in which the plan and testing can be completed.

Craig Sowards, Norton County EMS was in to update the commission on department operations. Craig said the department is very busy and continues to do a tremendous amount of transfers to other facilities. For the month of May a total of 58 calls were received and 20 transfers. In the month of June to date there has been 49 calls and 26 transfers. Through the end of May a total of 292 calls have been responded to.
Craig stated that with all the transfers being done he is wondering if a new EMS unit should not be checked into. The units are getting several miles on them and maintenance is adding up. Craig felt that maybe it would be a good time to start checking funding and availability

Noxious Weed
Clarence Wetter, Norton County Noxious Weed gave a department report. Clarence stated that the additional part-time help has really help with getting the spraying done this year.
Clarence infonned the commission that he has located a fork lift locally that is for sale. Clarence said that the addition to a fork lift in his department would help with his handling of chemical when being delivered and stocked on the shelves. The commission approved the purchase which will be $3,000.00.

Road Department
Floyd Richard, Norton County Road Department spoke with the commission on the maintenance of county roads. The commission notified Floyd of the calls they have received for road concerns.
The commission discussed with Floyd the four day work week. Floyd stated he felt the four day work week works well unless it rains early in the week. The commission requested that if they cannot work due to rain they take the day off and then come back to work on the Friday or Saturday when conditions allow them to work.
Floyd provide infonnation to the commission on a material for resurfacing the PDRA Road The estimated expense for material and product is around $50,000. This does not include the labor. The product salesman has infonned Floyd that he would meet with the commission and give an overview of the product and how it works. The commission requested additional cost estimates for equipment rental.
Easement Agreements were presented for signature of the Chairman and County Clerk. The easement agreements are necessary for the Washington Road project.

June 17th, 2019 Commission Minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Posson to approve the minutes from the June 17th, 2019 commission meeting. The motion was given a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

Tax Abatement #2019000090 was presented to the commission for approval and signature. The abatement was issued for the City Land Bank. The abatement was approved in the amount of $56.28.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 7/8/2019. The commission minutes are not considered to be official until signed and approved and will remain a working document until approved.

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