Norton Co Board of CommissionersApril 22, 2019


Norton Co Board of Commissioners
April 22, 2019
Chairman Thomas Brannan called the meeting of the Norton Co Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 AM on April 22, 2019 at the Commission Room. Attendance: Thomas Brannan, Present: Charles Posson, Present: Richard Thompson, Present.

Craig Sowards, Norton County EMS delivered his monthly report to the County Commission. Craig reported for the month of March the department had 58 911calls and 16 transfer to other medical facilities. This makes the year to date through March a total of 180 calls or transfers.
Craig discussed with the commission the ambulance maintenance and mechanical issues. Unit #5 has been having some warnings on the gauges with heating issue and once with a oil pressure. Using the unit locally Craig stated the unit has not caused any mechanical issues. Craig will continue to monitor the situation.
Craig discussed the ambulance unit that is currently out of service. The unit was taken out of service and was considered surplus and going to be offered for sale. Craig stated that after consideration he thinks it would be a good idea to purchase a new unit and transfer the box to the new chassis. Craig stated this is a good option since the box is still very good condition and this would be a large cost savings.

Road Department
Floyd Richard, Norton County Road Department delivered to the commission a landowner request for reimbursement on the Washington Road project. The commission reviewed the request and felt the proposal was reasonable and something the county could work with. ·
Floyd delivered to the commission the authority to award a contract commitment for bridge
#069-C-4920-01.The bridge is located one half mile south and two miles west of New Almelo. King Construction Company Inc., of Hesston, Kansas was awarded the construction in the amount of$503,487. The county funding required will be $84,00.00. The commission signed the award as presented.

April 15th Commission Minutes
A motion was made by Commissioner Posson to approve the minutes from the April 15th commission meeting. The motion was given a second from Commissioner Thompson. Motion passed 3-0.

Kelvin Edgett
Kelvin Edgett was in to visit with the commission about a road concern. Kelvin stated that he asked the county to do some road maintenance however felt that the work completed was not acceptable. The commission informed Kelvin that Floyd had reported to them earlier this morning that he will be going back to finish the job.

Aaron Tilden with Willdan Business Development was in to visit with the commission about business development and capital improvements for the Norton County Courthouse. Aaron spoke briefly about the history of Willdan and the services their company offers. Willdan offers engineering and facility planning; comprehensive building analysis; engineered HVAC Solutions; automated control systems; electrical and lighting designs; renewable energy; commissioning and measurement and verification. Aaron gave the commission relevant experience jobs with construction and upgrades with the estimated savings for each joh Other areas covered in the discussion was the project comparison in which the performance contracting can be selected, lowest long-term cost, preliminary engineering audit and the investment grade audit. Aaron stated that if the County selected Willdan as the project provider they would offer turn key delivery approach with an expert project team. Along with the service is the performance guarantee and ongoing validation and support. After the presentation the commission felt that proceeding with a plan and proposal would be a good idea in order to evaluated the Courthouse needs.

There being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned until 4/29/2019. The commission minutes are not considered to be official until signed and approved and will remain a working document until approved.

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